Personer med emneord «European Law»

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Bilde av Hanna Christina Ahlström Ahlström, Hanna Christina Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859302 Company Law, European Law, Sustainable development, International Environmental Law, International Financial Law
Bilde av Finn Arnesen Arnesen, Finn Professor +47-22859613 European Law, Europe
Bilde av Tarjei Bekkedal Bekkedal, Tarjei Professor +47-22859601 European Law, Europe
Bilde av Hilde K. Ellingsen Ellingsen, Hilde K. PhD Candidate +47 22 85 97 25 +47 971 21 787 European Law, Europe
Bilde av Stian Øby Johansen Johansen, Stian Øby Senior Lecturer - Centre for European Law (+47) 22 85 96 77 (+47) 934 622 03 EU, European Law, Public International Law, Human Rights, International Organisations
Bilde av Johann Ruben Leiss Leiss, Johann Ruben Research fellow +47 22859619 Public International Law, International Dispute Settlement, International Courts and Tribunals, legal theory, Human Rights, Comparative Law, Private international law, Constitutional Law, European Law
Bilde av Ola Mestad Mestad, Ola Head of Department +47-22859376 European Law, Europe, Nordic, Head of Institute
Bilde av Jonas W. Myhre Myhre, Jonas W. Guest researcher +47 22 85 93 51 European Law, Europe
Bilde av Jukka Mähönen Mähönen, Jukka Professor +47 22 85 95 34 +47 949 83 275 Company Law, securities law, accounting law, auditing law, Law and economics, European Law
Bilde av Synnøve Ugelvik Ugelvik, Synnøve Associate Professor (+47) 22 85 94 23 Criminal Law, Criminal Procedural Law, Sociology of Law, European Law, Constitutional Law, Legal theory
Bilde av Henri Marie L. van Soest van Soest, Henri Marie L. Forsker Energirett, Energy Law, Europarett, European Law, EU Law, Finansmarkedsrett, Selskapsrett
Bilde av Henri Marie L. van Soest van Soest, Henri Marie L. Researcher Energy Law, European Law, EU Law, Financial law, Company Law
Bilde av Siri Kildahl Venemyr Venemyr, Siri Kildahl Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859774 97500861 European Law, Administrative Law