Arrangement med emneord «Effects»


Tid og sted: 18. juni 2018 09:00 - 19. juni 2018 18:00, University of Oslo, Law Faculty, Domus Media, Kjerka

This workshop will bring together scholars of philosophy, political theory and legal theory who study one or more regional and international courts and tribunals (ICs).

Tid og sted: 18. okt. 2017 12:15 - 13:15, Room 571, Domus Nova 5th floor, St. Olavs Plass 5

PluriCourts seminar with Fulbright scholar Jacqueline McAllister.

Tid og sted: 12. okt. 2017 12:30 - 13. okt. 2017 15:00, Stockholm University, F702, plan 7, F-huset

Stockholm University and PluriCourts co-organize a workshop looking at global and regional governance from a political science perspective. 

Tid og sted: 20. sep. 2017 12:15 - 13:15, Room 571, Domus Nova 5th floor, St. Olavs Plass 5

PluriCourts lunch with postdoctoral fellow Silje Hermansen.

Tid og sted: 12. juni 2017 09:00 - 17:00, Kjerka, Domus Media

How do national and international courts and tribunals use international judicial decisions? Many discuss this phenomenon under labels such us 'judicial dialogue', 'cross-pollination', and/or 'cross-fertilization'.

This seminar is co-organized by the Department of Private Law and PluriCourts.

Lofoten. Mountain and sea
Tid og sted: 20. juni 2016 09:00 - 24. juni 2016 21:00, Law Faculty, University of Oslo

PluriCourts, will host the 14th Annual Colloquium of the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law, 20-24 June 2016. The theme of the Colloquium is "The Environment in Court - Environmental protection in national and international courts, tribunals, and compliance mechanisms". 

Tid og sted: 6. apr. 2016 12:15 - 13:15, Domus Nova, St. Olavs plass 5, 5th floor, room 571

The second in the series of PluriCourts reading seminars discusses texts by Daniel Bodansky, Allen Buchanan and Robert O. Keohane, and Nienke Grossman.

Tid og sted: 9. mars 2016 12:15 - 13:15, Domus Nova, St. Olavs plass 5, 5th floor, room 571

The first in the series of PluriCourts reading seminars discusses two core texts: one by Karen Alter and one by Armin von Bogdandy and Ingo Venzke.

Tid og sted: 4. nov. 2015 12:15 - 13:15, Domus Nova, 5th floor, room 571

Joint PluriCourts / International Law Lunch with Postdoctoral Fellow Malcolm Langford.

Tid og sted: 10. sep. 2015 09:00 - 12. sep. 2015 14:00, Law faculty, University of Oslo

The 11th Annual Conference of the European Society of International Law (ESIL)will take place in Oslo, Norway. The Conference will focus on the judicialization of international Law.

Tid og sted: 22. juni 2015 09:00 - 26. juni 2015 18:00, iCourts, Copenhagen

The Centre of Excellence for International Courts (iCourts) and PluriCourts are hosting a high-level summer school for PhD students working on international law and with a special interest in interdisciplinary studies of international law and its social and political context.

We particularly welcome students and scholars who are writing up a PhD thesis that involves an interdisciplinary study of one or more international courts.

Tid og sted: 21. mai 2015 08:30 - 18:30, Professorboligen (Karl Johans gate 47)

This year's annual conference will focus on the performance of international courts, and will feature many prominent speakers.

Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Campus del Mar.
Tid og sted: 26. feb. 2015 14:00 - 27. feb. 2015 15:00, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Should international courts and tribunals enjoy the authority they currently do, or claim? PluriCourts is organising a workshop in Barcelona on the normative legitimacy of international courts.

The International Court of Justice
Tid og sted: 29. jan. 2015 - 30. jan. 2015, Domus Nova, Meeting room 571 (5th floor)

What is the impact of international courts on domestic political and legal systems? This question and more are explored at an upcoming workshop organised by PluriCourts Coordinator Marlene Wind.

Harvard Memorial Hall at Harvard University.
Tid og sted: 6. nov. 2014 09:00 - 7. nov. 2014 13:15, Harvard University

How and why do domestic actors use international Courts to advance or restrain sexual and reproductive rights? How can we study the phenomenon of legal mobilisation on a global, regional and national basis? These and other questions will be discussed at a two-day workshop in Boston.

Tid og sted: 29. okt. 2014 12:15 - 13:15, Domus Nova, Meeting room 571

In the lunch seminar, Steinar Andresen will present his ongoing paper on international Courts (ICs) and international envrionmental governance

Tid og sted: 11. sep. 2014 09:00 - 12. sep. 2014 14:00, iCourts, University of Copenhagen

PluriCourts Coordinator Marlene Wind organises a two-day Conference at the Danish centre of excellence iCourts in Copenhagen.

Tid og sted: 13. juni 2014 09:00 - 16:30, Håndverkeren Conference Centre, Sangerhall

PluriCourts Annual Conference this year will be on the theme of international courts and the rule of law.