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Publisert 19. okt. 2015 14:19

By Daniel F. Behn, Posdoctoral Fellow, PluriCourts, and Laura Letourneau-Tremblay, Research Assistant, PluriCourts

Publisert 2. okt. 2015 14:05

The 11th Annual Conference of the European Society of International Law (ESIL) was hosted by PluriCourts on 10-12 September 2015. A selection of the best papers presented at the conference will be published in an anthology edited by PluriCourts Directors Geir Ulfstein and Andreas Føllesdal.

Publisert 1. okt. 2015 00:00

Postdoctoral Fellow Michelle Q. Zang is on a three-months research stay at the Lauterpacht Centre at the University of Cambridge. She hopes to benefit of the specialized research community and receive valuable input for her ongoing work in the field of trade law.

Publisert 21. sep. 2015 10:54

Article by Postdoctoral Fellow Daniel Behn and Coordinator Ole Kristian Fauchald, in Manchester Journal of International Economic Law, Volume 12, Issue 2, 2015.

Publisert 17. sep. 2015 10:48

Research Assistant Tori Loven Kirkebø published an op-ed in the Norwegian newspaper Bergens Tidende. She argues that the Norwegian government should abandon its plans to conclude bilateral investment treaties. Read the entire article (in Norwegian).

Publisert 17. sep. 2015 07:03

From 21 September - 2 October, Professor Tania Voon (University of Melbourne) will strengthen the trade team at PluriCourts.

Publisert 14. sep. 2015 16:55

The new model bilateral investment treaty (BIT) will be presented by Margrethe Reinertsen Norum, Specialist Director at the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries. The introduction will be followed by comments by Professor Ole Kristian Fauchald and Postdoctoral Fellow Daniel Behn.

Publisert 8. sep. 2015 16:08

Bringing together leading experts on issues of tobacco control and international investment and trade law, this public seminar will discuss the tobacco industry’s strategy of using litigation against tobacco control regulations that states are implementing in the public interest.

Publisert 24. aug. 2015 17:15

By Maksim Usynin, Research Assistant, PluriCourts

Publisert 24. aug. 2015 09:18

Professor Alec Stone Sweet (Yale Law School) will be at PluriCourts this week to participate in several seminars and workshops.

Publisert 20. aug. 2015 11:21

Master thesis by Research Assistant Tori Loven Kirkebø. She examines the current system regulating state and corporate behavior with regards to human rights. As such it contributes to the debate on a global treaty on business and human rights through an interdisciplinary, human rights approach. Read the paper (SSRN).

Publisert 19. aug. 2015 09:56

This book project will bring together some 25 scholars from multiple disciplines who are conducting empirical research in the field of investment treaty arbitration. A writers' workshop takes place in Oslo 27-28 August 2015 in order to consider 15 draft contributions. The plan is to finalize the book for publication during the first semester of 2016.

Publisert 6. aug. 2015 10:21

Informative discussion between the civil society and academica on the possible challenges of Norway's New Model BIT.

Publisert 6. aug. 2015 10:12

In this lunch presentation, Professor Alec Stone Sweet will share his views on the evolution of the international treaty arbitration system.

Publisert 6. aug. 2015 10:07

Gus Van Harten, professor at Osgoode Hall Law School, will present his ongoing research focusing on regulatory chill and investment treaties. Do investsment treaties constrain regulatory space?

Publisert 3. aug. 2015 15:45

Tarald Laudal Berge was interviewed by the Norwegian newspaper, Dagens Perspektiv,on his views regarding the negotiations of Norway's new draft model agreement.

Publisert 23. juli 2015 11:29

Two guest researchers join PluriCourts on 3 August: Andrew Mitchell (Melbourne University) and Gus Van Harten (York University, Canada).

Publisert 3. juli 2015 11:33

PluriCourts coordinator Ole Kristian Fauchald and co-director Andreas Føllesdal published an op-ed in the Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv. Read the full text (pdf., in Norwegian).

Publisert 22. juni 2015 09:15

PhD candidate Tarald Laudal Berge investigates dynamics in the international investment treaty regime.

Publisert 16. juni 2015 09:34

In this International Law lunch the guest speaker Professor Dr. Mattias Kumm will talk about the Investor - State dispute settlement in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the EU - Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).

Publisert 5. juni 2015 11:39

Submit a paper for the international symposium on ‘The Present and Future Role of Investment Treaty Arbitration in Adjudicating Environmental Disputes’ (Oslo, 5-6 November 2015). The submission deadline is 15 July 2015. Go to the symposium page or read the full call.

Publisert 28. mai 2015 10:08

PluriCourts coordinator Ole Kristian Fauchald was interviewed by the Norwegian newspaper Klassekampen. The Norwegian government's proposal for future investment agreements between Norway and other states may limit the Norwegian politicians' scope of action, he says.

Publisert 22. mai 2015 09:58

Postdoctoral research fellow Daniel Behn has recently published an article entitled 'Legitimacy, Evolution, and Growth in Investment Treaty Arbitration: Empirically Evaluating the State of the Art' in Georgetown Journal of International Law (vol.46, no.2, 2015).

Publisert 4. mai 2015 11:37

This workshop will bring together some 25 scholars from multiple disciplines who are conducting empirical research in the field of investment treaty arbitration.