Persons tagged with «public international law»

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Andersson, Anna Doctoral Research Fellow 41281826 (mob) +47 41281826 International Humanitarian Law, Conflict, International Criminal Law, Public International Law, Law of Armed Conflict, Human Rights
Behn, Daniel Friedrich Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22859194 International Arbitration, International Courts and Tribunals, International Economic Law, International Dispute Settlement, Public International Law
Engström, Josefin Natalie Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859987 Public International Law, International Courts and Tribunals, International investment law, Human Rights Law, International Arbitration
Janmyr, Maja Professor Migration, Public International Law, Refugee and Asylum Law, Human Rights
Johansen, Stian Øby Senior Lecturer - Centre for European Law (+47) 22 85 96 77 (+47) 934 622 03 (mob) EU, European Law, Public International Law, Human Rights, International Organisations
Larsen, Kjetil Mujezinović Professor of law +47 22 84 20 83 +47 411 41 475 (mob) Human rights, International Humanitarian Law, Conflict, Public International Law
Leiss, Johann Ruben Research fellow +47 22859619 Public International Law, International Dispute Settlement, International Courts and Tribunals, legal theory, Human Rights, Comparative Law, Private international law, Constitutional Law, European Law
Lingaas, Carola Lecturer +47-22859469 public international law, human rights law, international humanitarian law, international criminal law
Nicholson, Joanna Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22842069 international humanitarian law, public international law, international criminal law
Taylor, Mark Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22859732 Company Law, regulation, strategic litigation, Public International Law
Zyberi, Gentian Professor +47-22842086 International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, Transitional Justice, Public International Law, Human Rights and Conflict., European Court of Human Rights, Responsibility to Protect, Human Rights, International Court of Justice, International Criminal Law, International Humanitarian Law, Community Interests, International Courts and Tribunals, International Criminal Court