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Picture of Antoinette Scherz Scherz, Antoinette Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22850114
Picture of Stephanie Schmölzer Schmölzer, Stephanie Senior Executive Officer +47-22850038 +47-47215795
Picture of Erling Selvig Selvig, Erling Professor emeritus 22859745 Maritime Law, Petroleum Law
Picture of Samah Shokr Shokr, Samah Research Assistant
Picture of Bodil Silset Silset, Bodil Adviser +47 22 85 97 63
Picture of Lasse Simonsen Simonsen, Lasse Professor +47 - 22 85 97 02
Picture of Beate Sjåfjell Sjåfjell, Beate Professor +47-22859381 +47-95931283 China, Brazil, USA, South Africa, Nordic, Global South
Picture of May-Len Skilbrei Skilbrei, May-Len Head of Department +47-22850110
Picture of Jørgen Sørgard Skjold Skjold, Jørgen Sørgard Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859482
Picture of Alexander Næss Skjønberg Skjønberg, Alexander Næss +47 22859336
Picture of Kristin Skjørten Skjørten, Kristin Professor +47-22850066 90412960 +47 90412960
Picture of Nils Gunnar Skretting Skretting, Nils Gunnar Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859660 +47-99568978
Picture of Arvid Aage Skaar Skaar, Arvid Aage Professor +47-22845560
Picture of Eivind Smith Smith, Eivind Professor +47-22859418
Picture of Peter Scharff Smith Smith, Peter Scharff Professor +47-22850158
Picture of Gunnhild Storbekkrønning Solli Solli, Gunnhild Storbekkrønning Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22850235
Picture of Ragnhild Sollund Sollund, Ragnhild Professor +47-22850124 +47-92863397 Criminology, Sociology of Law, Gender, Crime and deviance, Marginalisation
Picture of Trond Solvang Solvang, Trond Professor +47-22859672 +47-94261969 Contract Law, Tort Law, Maritime Law, Legal method, Nordic
Picture of Taylor St. John St. John, Taylor Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22859431
Picture of Endre Stavang Stavang, Endre Professor +47-22859719
Picture of Tonje Stegavik Stegavik, Tonje Research Assistant +47 22859451
Picture of Geir Stenseth Stenseth, Geir Associate Professor +47-22859609
Stensrud, Gina Research Assistant
Picture of Jo Martin Stigen Stigen, Jo Martin Professor +47-22850244
Stordrange, Caroline Bang PhD Candidate - Maternity leave +47 22859678