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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Vibeke Blaker Strand Strand, Vibeke Blaker Professor +47-22842092 +47-90204160
Picture of Anne-Brit Strandset Strandset, Anne-Brit Senior Executive Officer +47-22859872
Picture of Ulf Stridbeck Stridbeck, Ulf Head of Department +47-22859405
Picture of Ester E. J. Strømmen Strømmen, Ester E. J. Research Assistant +47-22850063 Criminal law, Human Rights, Gender, Counter-terrorism
Picture of Tone Sverdrup Sverdrup, Tone Professor +47 - 22859781
Picture of Karin Maria Svånå Svånå, Karin Maria Research Assistant
Picture of Aslak Syse Syse, Aslak Professor emeritus +47-22859484
Picture of Tara Søderholm Søderholm, Tara Research Assistant +47 228550142
Picture of Anniken Sørlie Sørlie, Anniken Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22842044
Saatchi, Zoha Shima Høegh-Omdal Head Engineer Local IT support, IT services, User administration, Printing, AV services, Telephone services
Picture of Sara Tesfai Tesfai, Sara Higher Executive Officer +47-22859371
Thoresen, Kristin Førstekonsulent +47 22859778
Picture of Tomas Midttun Tobiassen Tobiassen, Tomas Midttun Research Assistant +47 22859451
Picture of John Todd Todd, John Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22850221
Picture of Tranvik Tommy Tommy, Tranvik Researcher +4722850099
Picture of Natalia Torres Zuniga Torres Zuniga, Natalia Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22842058 +4745279506 Constitutional Law, International Law, Human Rights Law
Picture of Eirik Torsvoll Torsvoll, Eirik Research Assistant +47-22850245
Picture of Olav Torvund Torvund, Olav Professor +4722850095
Picture of Luca Tosoni Tosoni, Luca PhD-Candidate +47 22850093 Rettsinformatikk
Picture of Bård Sverre Tuseth Tuseth, Bård Sverre Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859494 Library, Teaching, EndNote
Picture of Sébastien Tutenges Tutenges, Sébastien Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Aksel Tømte Tømte, Aksel Advisor + 47 22 84 20 30 + 47 99 10 99 54 Indonesia, Freedom of Religion or Belief, Business and Human Rights, Economic Social and Cultural Rights, Forest Management in Indonesia, Transmigration
Picture of Henriette N. Tøssebro Tøssebro, Henriette N. Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859488 40532100
Picture of Synnøve Ugelvik Ugelvik, Synnøve Associate Professor (+47) 22 85 94 23 Criminal Law, Criminal Procedural Law, Sociology of Law, European Law, Constitutional Law, Legal theory
Picture of Thomas Ugelvik Ugelvik, Thomas Professor +47-22850218 905 35 036