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Picture of Daniel Friedrich Behn Behn, Daniel Friedrich Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22859194 Public International Law, International Arbitration, International Dispute Settlement, International Economic Law, International Courts and Tribunals
Picture of Tarjei Bekkedal Bekkedal, Tarjei Professor +47-22859601 European Law, Europe
Picture of Trygve Bergsåker Bergsåker, Trygve Professor +47-22859703
Picture of Giuseppe Bianco Bianco, Giuseppe Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859732
Picture of Gøril Bjerkan Bjerkan, Gøril PhD Candidate +47-22859687
Picture of Henrik Bjørnebye Bjørnebye, Henrik Professor +47-22859740 +47-90640229 +47-90640229 Energy Law, EU and EEA Law, Petroleum Law, Contract Law, Tort Law
Picture of Elisabeth Bjørnstøl Bjørnstøl, Elisabeth Head of Equality and non-discrimination/ Head of Rule of Law in China 22842074 China, Human Rights, Non-discrimination, Criminal Justice
Picture of Sverre Blandhol Blandhol, Sverre Professor +47-22850215 +47 900 37 326 Negotiation, Dispute Resolution, Environmental Law, Administrative Law, Contract Law, Ethics
Boldvik, Torgeir Higher Executive Officer +47 22850098
Picture of Nora Marie Haune Bornø Bornø, Nora Marie Haune Research Assistant +47 22850064
Picture of Inga Bostad Bostad, Inga Director +47-22842035 +47-93085191 Philosophy, Human Rights, Philosophy of Language, Skepticism, Applied Philosophy, Otherness, Philosophy of Education, Epistemology, Human Rights, Disability studies, Human dignity, Bildung
Picture of Johan Boucht Boucht, Johan Professor dr.iur. +47-2285 9499 Criminal law, Contracts and agreements
Breidlid, Torhild Research Assistant +4793606109
Picture of Stein Arne Brekke Brekke, Stein Arne Research Assistant +47-22859475
Bruce, Ingvild Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22845873
Picture of Herman Bruserud Bruserud, Herman Associate Professor +47-22859705
Picture of Hans Christian Bugge Bugge, Hans Christian Professor +47 22850227
Picture of Kirsti Strøm Bull Bull, Kirsti Strøm Professor Emerita +47-22859341
Picture of Nils A Butenschøn Butenschøn, Nils A Professor +47-22842007 +47-90016143
Picture of Knut Olav Bydal Bydal, Knut Olav Research Assistant Research assistant
Picture of Lee Andrew Bygrave Bygrave, Lee Andrew Professor +47-22859339 +47-22859640 China, USA, Brazil, Russia
Picture of Marcelo Alexis Nuñes Campbell Campbell, Marcelo Alexis Nuñes Research Assistant +47 22859438
Picture of Yuliya Chernykh Chernykh, Yuliya PhD Candidate +47 22 85 90 41 International investment law, international trade
Picture of Ludovica Chiussi Chiussi, Ludovica Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22842068
Picture of Margrethe Buskerud Christoffersen Christoffersen, Margrethe Buskerud Associate Professor +47-22859735 +47-91864768 Contract Law, Company Law, Prosessrett