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Picture of Liv Finstad Finstad, Liv Professor Emeritus +47-22850118
Picture of Aled Dilwyn Fisher Fisher, Aled Dilwyn Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22842041 Law, ecology, law and ecology
Picture of Beate Fiskerstrand Fiskerstrand, Beate Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859633 Contract Law, Tort Law, Maritime Law, Transport Law, Comparative Law, Europe
Picture of Susanne Hendrika Flølo Flølo, Susanne Hendrika Research Assistant +47 46611991 Human Rights and Sustainable Development, Business and Human Rights
Picture of Irina Fodchenko Fodchenko, Irina Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859589 +47-40048081 Petroleum Law, Maritime Law, Environmental Law, International Law, Russian Law, Russia
Picture of Marit Fosse Fosse, Marit Higher Executive Officer +47-22850120
Picture of Katja Franko Franko, Katja Professor +47-22850127
Frantzen, Kjetil Kjørholt Head Engineer +47-22859444 +47-95041429 Local IT support, IT services, User administration, Printing, AV services, Telephone services, IT Purchasing, web
Picture of Guro Frostestad Frostestad, Guro Administrative Manager +47-22859457 Research administration, External funding, Cristin, ePhorte, Web editor
Picture of Kirsten Fuglestved Fuglestved, Kirsten Head Librarian +47-22842008 48024770 Library guidance, Literature search, Teaching, Cataloguing, Classification, Information Literacy, Loans, ALMA
Picture of Lucy Isabelle Furuholmen Furuholmen, Lucy Isabelle Research Assistant +47 22859451
Picture of Andreas Føllesdal Føllesdal, Andreas Professor +47-99235002
Picture of Szilárd Gáspár-Szilágyi Gáspár-Szilágyi, Szilárd Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22859470
Picture of Tiffany Linn Utvær Gasser Gasser, Tiffany Linn Utvær Research Assistant
Genner, Daniele Vittorio Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22850060
Picture of Hedda Giertsen Giertsen, Hedda Professor Emeritus Nordic
Picture of Erlend Eriksen Gjein Gjein, Erlend Eriksen PhD Candidate +47 22859293 Corporate law, Comparative Law, corporate governance
Picture of David Rodriguez Goyes Goyes, David Rodriguez PhD Candidate +47 22850243 +47-93641084
Picture of Hans Petter Graver Graver, Hans Petter Professor +47-22859739 +47-90606085
Picture of Jenny Graver Graver, Jenny Adviser +47-22842051 Research support, External funding
Picture of Rosa Greaves Greaves, Rosa Professor II +47-22859550 +447860108195 Maritime Law, Transportation Law, EU Law, Europe
Picture of Anette  Grønnerød-Hemmingby Grønnerød-Hemmingby , Anette PhD Candidate +47-22859724
Picture of Linda Gulli Gulli, Linda Senior executive officer (maternity leave) +47 22 85 97 16
Picture of Helene Oppen Ingebrigtsen Gundhus Gundhus, Helene Oppen Ingebrigtsen Professor +47-22850119
Picture of Özlem Gürakar-Skribeland Gürakar-Skribeland, Özlem Doctoral Research Fellow