Jens Peder Lomsdalen

Adviser - Student Office
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Phone +47-22859857
Visiting address Studieseksjonen Urbygningen Karl Johans gate 47 0162 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 6706 St. Olavs plass 0130 OSLO


  • Responsible for outgoing students
  • Negotiating and administrating exchange agreements (Erasmus, Nordplus,bilateral)
  • Supporting internationalisation of the study programmes at the faculty
  • Supporting outgoing Erasmus-Ph.d. mobility


Jens Peder Lomsdalen (2000): "Die Bedeutung des school-to-work Übergangs auf die Jugendarbeitslosigkeit in Deutschland-West, Norwegen und England/Wales in der Periode 1990-1997".

Jens Peder Lomsdalen (2005): “Adult Education in Norway – An Overview”, in: Andragogical Studies/Andragoške studije, vol. 2, pp. 52-66.

Jens Peder Lomsdalen/Katarina Popović (eds.) (2005): “Education and Peace – International Experiences and Approaches: Proceedings of the International Conference Education and Peace”, Belgrade, IIZ/DVV, Belgrade.

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