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Stelios Andreadakis

Dr Stelios Andreadakis is a Lecturer in Law in the University of Leicester. Prior to his appointment at Leicester, Stelios has worked as a lecturer and senior lecturer at Oxford Brookes University.  He has also worked as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Leicester during his PhD studies. His teaching covers the areas of Company Law, European Union Law, Corporate Governance, Carriage of Goods by Sea and Commercial Law. Stelios completed his undergraduate studies in the Law School of the University of Athens, Greece and he is a qualified lawyer, member of the Bar Association of Athens.

Stelios’ research interests are in the areas of Corporate Law and EU Law. He is particularly interested in corporate governance, exploring aspects of regulation of companies, corporate theories, the operation of financial markets and the role of scandals in the introduction of new legislation. His current work focuses on the role of whistle-blowers in modern corporate governance and he is conducting empirical research in the US, Japan and Europe. Finally, Stelios is working on a British Academy-funded project on the accession of the EU to the European Convention on Human Rights, exploring the process of the negotiation process, the role of the judiciary and policy-makers as well as the future of European integration.


Yuri Biondi

Cnrs - ESCP Europe


Andreas Kokkinis

Andreas is an Assistant Professor at Warwick Law School where he teaches Company Law (undergraduate), corporate governance and corporate finance (postgraduate). He joined Warwick in 2013, and before that he taught in UCL Laws, the University of Kent and the University of Buckingham. He holds a PhD from University College London (2014), an LLM from the London School of Economics (2009) and an LLB from the National University of Athens (2008). Since 2011 he is a qualified advocate in Greece. His research interests include corporate governance, corporate theory, and financial regulation. He is currently working on the corporate governance of UK banks from a regulatory perspective, corporate social responsibility and the regulation of executive remuneration in banks. He recently contributed a chapter to Iris Chiu (ed), The Law on Corporate Governance in Banks (Edward Elgar, 2015).


Troels Michael Lilja

Associate Professor of Law (Copenhagen Business School) since 2012. Chairman of the Board, JurForsk – the Danish Legal Research Education Programme since 2014. Ph.D. (University of Southern Denmark), MSc. in Auditing (University of Southern Denmark), BA in Business administration and commercial law (University of Southern Denmark), Visiting Professor at Oslo University (2014), Visiting Professor at University of Gothenburg (2014), Visiting Professor at Riga Graduate School of Law (2013), Associate Professor of Law and Assistant Professor of Law, University of Southern Denmark (2010-12). Samfundslitteratur’s Text book Award – special prize 2011. Research areas: Company Law, Corporate Law, Legal Method, Insolvency Law. Troels Michael Lilja has just recently written a book on Entrepreneur Companies (in Danish).


Jukka Mähönen

Jukka Mähönen holds LL.B. (Turku), LL.M. (Berkeley), M.Sc. (Econ.) (Turku), LL.Lic. (Turku) and LL.D. (Turku) degrees. He was appointed as an Associate Professor at the Department of Private Law at the University of Oslo in September 2015 and as the chair in Commercial Law at the Faculty of Law  at the University of Turku in August 2002. Previously, he worked at the Faculty of Law as a junior lecturer and as a senior lecturer and as a senior officer at the Finnish Ministry of Justice. He also teaches as a visiting professor of law and economics at the universities of Helsinki and Eastern Finland. He was the Dean of the Faculty of Law of the University of Turku from the beginning of 2010 until end of July 2015.

Mähönen's research interests focus on company and securities law, accounting and auditing law, as well as law and economics.  He has written numerous books, chapters in books and articles in journals in English, Swedish and Finnish. He is currently involved in research projects in Oslo concerning company law, sustainable development and European economic law. In Finland, he leads the Academy of Finland project ECOHERENCE - Reconciling economic and non-economic values in a multi-polar society.

He has served as a board member in the Finnish Corporate Law Association and been a member of the EU Commission’s Advisory Group on Company Law and Corporate Governance. In addition, he has served in various committees of the Finnish Government in the fields of property law, tax law and accounting and auditing law. He is currently the chair of the Audit Board of Finland, vice-chair Redemption Board of the Finland Chamber of Commerce and vice-chair of the Finnish Lawyers’ Society.



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