Participants in Forum for Law and Social Science

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Vidar Halvorsen Professor +47-22850107 48291902 (mob)
Anne Hellum Professor +47-22850042 Law and development
Beate Sjåfjell Professor +47-22859381 +47-95931283 (mob) China, Global South, USA, South Africa, Brazil, Nordic
Cecilie Figenschou Bakke Programme Director- China and East Asia. Team leader UN Human Rights Mechanisms + 47 22 84 20 01/18 China, Human Rights, International Relations
Daniel Friedrich Behn Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22859194 International Arbitration, International Courts and Tribunals, International Economic Law, International Dispute Settlement, Public International Law
Dorina Damsa Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22850134
Eivind Smith Professor +47-22859418
Gisle Kvanvig Project Manager +47-22842088 98234681 (mob) +47 982 34 681 Vietnam, Human Rights, Souteast Asia, ASEAN
Malcolm Langford Professor +47-22842031 +47 9770 3339 (mob) Human Rights, Constitutional Law, Socio-Legal Studies, International Economic Law, International Development, Methodology
Kristin Bergtora Sandvik Professor +47-22850123
Sverre Blandhol Professor +47-22850215 +47 900 37 326 Negotiation, Contract Law, Ethics, Administrative Law, Environmental Law, Dispute Resolution
Andreas Føllesdal Professor +47-99235002
Anette Bringedal Houge
Daniel Naurin Professor +47-22859480
Domenico Zipoli Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22842042
Jukka Mähönen Professor +47 22 85 95 34 +47 949 83 275 Company Law, securities law, accounting law, auditing law, Law and economics, European Law
Katja Franko Professor +47-22850127
Kjetil Mujezinović Larsen Professor of law +47 22 84 20 83 +47 411 41 475 (mob) Human rights, International Humanitarian Law, Conflict, Public International Law
Hanna Christina Ahlström Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859302 Company Law, International Financial Law, Sustainable development, International Environmental Law, European Law
Inga Bostad Director +47-22842035 +47-93085191 (mob) Philosophy of education, Bildung, Education, Philosophy of language, Disability, Sceptisim, Fundamental questions in education, Philosophy
Inger Johanne Sand Head of Department +47-22850213
Ingunn Ikdahl Professor +47 228 50046 Non-discrimination, Equality, Women’s rights, Human rights, Human rights and development, Socio-economic rights, Law and development, International law, Welfare law, Social security
Johan Boucht Professor dr.iur. +47-2285 9499 Criminal law, Contracts and agreements
Kjersti Lohne Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22850121 +47 97175846
Martin Nøkleberg Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22850116
Olaf Halvorsen Rønning Doctoral Research Fellow 97114331 (mob) (+47) 97114331
Peter Scharff Smith Professor +47-22850158
Rune Ellefsen PhD Candidate + 47 22850128 +47 46799669 (mob) Sociology of Law, Criminal Justice, Criminology, Social Movements, Protest Policing, Public Order Policing
Silje Synnøve Lyder Hermansen Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22856159 (+47)40499107 European Parliament, Judicial Politics, Court of Justice of the European Union, Comparative Politics, Quantitative Methods
Tarald Laudal Berge Doctoral Research Fellow 99569666 (mob) +47 995 69 666 International Investment Agreements, International Political Economy, Investment Arbitration., Bilateral Investment Treaties, Foreign Direct Investment, International Relations
Ulf Stridbeck Professor +47-22859405
Knut D. Asplund Programme Director, Indonesia +47 22 84 20 77 Indonesia, Human Rights and Conflict, security sector reform, legal pluralism, cultural/social anthropology, law of armed conflict
Ludovica Chiussi Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22842068
Ole Kristian Fauchald Professor +47-22850242
Peris Sean Jones Associate Professor +47-22842084 +47-94862250 (mob)
Stener Ekern Professor +47-22842005 Human Rights, South and Central America, Cultural Diversity, Indigenous Peoples, Political and Legal Anthropology
Thomas Ugelvik Professor +47-22850218 905 35 036
Tori Loven Kirkebø Researcher +47-22850211 human rights and business, Human Rights