Participants in Human Rights and Sustainable Development: Law and Policy Research

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Daniel Arnesson Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859741 98065238 (mob) +47 980 65 238 Energy Law, environmental law, comparative Law, international Law, development, Nordic, India, South Africa
Cecilie Figenschou Bakke Programme Director- China and East Asia. Team leader UN Human Rights Mechanisms + 47 22 84 20 01/18 China, Human Rights, International Relations
Inga Bostad Direktør +47-22842035 +47-93085191 (mob) Education, Fundamental questions in education, Bildung, Philosophy of education, Philosophy, Disability, Sceptisim, Philosophy of language
Ludovica Chiussi Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22842068
Sevda Clark Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22842020 +47-47469245 (mob)
Asbjørn Eide Emeritus 22 84 20 04 952 12 882 (mob)
Stener Ekern Professor +47-22842005 Human Rights, Political and Legal Anthropology, Cultural Diversity, South and Central America, Indigenous Peoples
Aled Dilwyn Fisher Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22842041 Law, ecology, law and ecology
Anne Hellum Professor +47-22850042 Law and development
Ingunn Ikdahl Professor +47 228 50046 Non-discrimination, Equality, Women’s rights, Human rights, Human rights and development, Socio-economic rights, Law and development, International law, Welfare law, Social security
Gisle Kvanvig Project Manager +47-22842088 98234681 (mob) +47 982 34 681 ASEAN, Vietnam, Souteast Asia, Human Rights
Malcolm Langford Professor +47-22842031 +47 9770 3339 (mob) Human Rights, Constitutional Law, Socio-Legal Studies, International Economic Law, International Development, Methodology
Anna Maria C. Lundberg Associate Professor +47-22842014 China
Ragnhild Lunner Research Assistant
Susanne Hendrika Flølo Higher Executive Officer +47 46611991 Human Rights and Sustainable Development, Business and Human Rights
Jukka Mähönen Professor +47 22 85 95 34 +47 949 83 275 Company Law, securities law, accounting law, auditing law, Law and economics, European Law
Ola Mestad Head of Department +47-22859376 European Law, Europe, Nordic, Head of Institute
Maïmouna Lise Pouye Rabatel-Fernel Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859411 Business and Human Rights, Natural Resource Management, Development, ICL, International Security, IHL, LOAC
Beate Sjåfjell Professor +47-22859381 +47-95931283 (mob) China, Brazil, USA, South Africa, Nordic, Global South
Kjersti Skarstad Student Human rights, International Politics, Comparative Politics, quantitative research, Political Theory, disability rights, Conflict
Anniken Sørlie Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22842044
Dina Townsend Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22844223
Aksel Tømte Advisor + 47 22 84 20 30 + 47 99 10 99 54 (mob) Indonesia, Freedom of Religion or Belief, Business and Human Rights, Economic Social and Cultural Rights, Forest Management in Indonesia, Transmigration
Yi Wang Adviser +47-22842054
Natalia Torres Zuniga Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22842058 +4745279506 Constitutional Law, International Law, Human Rights Law
Gentian Zyberi Professor +47-22842086 Public International Law, International Courts and Tribunals, International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court, International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, European Court of Human Rights, Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law, International Criminal Law, Responsibility to Protect, Transitional Justice, Community Interests, Human Rights and Conflict.

Other participants

  • Trine-Cecilie Riis-Hansen