Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about Fronter

What should I name the assignment?

Home exam

The document name should have the following contents:

  • candidatenumber_course_name_home_exam.documentformat

Regular assignment

The document name should have the following contents:

  • your first_name_last_name_course_name.documentformat


The document name can not contain:

  • Special characters: ()/&%¤#"!=@)?:;£$,|.'¨ \ `^ *
  • special Norwegian characters: æ, ø and å


What format should the document be?

The format of the file must be .doc or.rtf.


What do I need to log on to Fronter?

You need your standard UiO username and password to log on to Fronter.


Where can I get a username and password?

If you don't have a UiO username and password, contact the student IT helpdesk at the faculty.

Access to rooms?

Are you logged on to Fronter, but don't have access to the relevant room? Contact the Information Center.


Juriteket (student IT) offers assistance by: