The World Biathlon Championship comes to the University Square

On 2 to 13 March, University Square (Universitetsplassen) will be converted to a stage for the World Biathlon Championship. Read about what this will entail for you - and why you need to have your student card with you.

Oslo is hosting the 2016 World Biathlon Championship. The areas around Spikersuppa will serve as festival grounds, and University Square will be the venue for medal award ceremonies and concerts.

These events will mainly take place in the afternoon and evening, but students and staff will be affected by rigging, sound checks and the security precautions associated with the events.

Guards and admission

Police and security guards will be present in the area during the championship. Starting from 2 March, during certain times of the day, guards will control the entrances to the University Garden and admission to University Square from Karl Johans gate. You will then have to show your student card to be permitted to enter. You will find more information on the times when guards will be present in the calendar below.

You will have access to the buildings, and at the times of the day when there is no security guard on duty you may use the regular entrances.

When the security precautions are in effect, you should use the entrances indicated in the map below.

On the map you can see the entrances to the University Garden and the buildings that should be used when the area is subject to security precautions.

The doors will be open as normal, but may be set to keycard-reading mode earlier than usual.

Please note: The Library will shorten their opening hours during the championship.

Opening hours 2 - 11 March (article in Norwegian, but the table has the dates and hours)

Rigging and sound checks

A temporary broadcasting studio is already under construction outside the west wing of the Domus Media. Several other larger and smaller installations will be mounted in the square before the championship, including a stage outside the Domus Bibliotheca. In the days before the opening ceremony, dress rehearsals and sound checks will take place.

These activities will produce some noise that will mostly affect those whose windows face University Square. The area may also be crowded with people (construction workers, production teams, performers etc.).

Certain rooms in Domus Bibliotheca, Domus Media and Domus Academica have been reserved for events associated with the championship.

Calendar - what happens when?

When What
> 23 February

Rigging of a broadcasting studio near the west wing of DM

24-28 February

Rigging of stages and other installations in U. Square. From early morning until late afternoon

29 February

Sound checks from around noon until the end of the working day

1 March

Dress rehearsals and sound checks from around noon until late evening. Much activity around the main entrance to Domus Bibliotheca

2-6 March

Sound checks from around 15.00. Security guards in place from around 16.00. See exception for 4 March

4 March

Sound checks in the morning. Security guards in place from after lunchtime

7-8 March

No activities or security guards

9-12 March

Sound checks from around 15.00. Security guards in place from around 16.00

13 March

Dismantling of all installations

Accessibility around University Square

The map below indicates fences, entrances and temporary structures around U. Square. Please note: may be subject to change.

Although access to the buildings around the University Square is limited, you may still use the main entrances during work hours.
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