Nettsider med emneord «automatisering»

Publisert 19. mai 2014 13:17

Gjennom EFFEKT-programmet implementerte UDI en rekke nye IT-løsninger for digitaliserte rettsregler. En helt sentral leveranse var en ny Vedtaksmodul for vedtaksproduksjon basert på regelmotorteknologi.

Et hovedmål var å nyttiggjør seg ny teknologi uten å miste på kontrollen over rettsregler og myndighetsutøvelsen.

Publisert 25. mars 2014 10:58

In our daily lives we're bound to contracts of all kinds: terms of service, privacy policies, tenancy agreements and national laws. How could you quickly run a query to find out what you're allowed or obliged to do? What if you could know if any of these contracts conflict with each other? And how can authors of contracts be sure that what they write is unambiguous?

Publisert 27. jan. 2014 08:37

Foredragsholder: Guri Birgitte Verne

Guri Birgitte Verne has studied how problems arise when tax has become invisible for the citizens. How do the citizens handle the tasks that are left over from the automation? In this presentation Guri will reflect on the nature of automation and on-line self services for the citizens when they need to override the automation.

The presentation will be in norwegian.

Publisert 5. nov. 2013 14:12

Cristian Prisacariu will talk about his approach to automatically reading Terms of Services contracts by a computer and checking user-defined properties on the read ToS, as well as how the same technology can be used to draft ToS.


Publisert 8. jan. 2013 14:22

Kan samsvar med (alle) byggereglene sjekkes manuelt av en byggesaksbehandler – eller er man avhengig av digitale regelsjekkere?