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Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law

The NRCCL was one of the first academic institutions to take up the challenge information technology posed to law and legal research. In 1970, Professor Knut S Selmer asked the recently appointed research assistant Jon Bing to look into the issue of “computers and law”. The first result was a seminar 16 March 1970, which the NRCCL has qualified as its “day of birth”. For the seminar resulted in requests for research – and though contractual research was rather unusual at this time, the Department of Private Law created the NRCCL as a framework for such activity.

From the very beginning, the NRCCL has been internationally oriented. The Center has been and is a partner in international projects. The researchers of the NRCCL are active at international conferences and lecture regularly at other institutions at home and abroad. The NRCCL also organises many international events, and has formal or informal co-operation with a large number of sister institutions.

 Today the NRCCL is established as one of the leading international institutions in the area of ICT-related law. With an academic staff of approximately 30 full-time professors and the researchers, the NRCCL has solid expertise in all major areas. The International Master Degree in Law and Communications and Information Technology law has a solid reputation, and attract annually post-graduate students from all over the world.


The NRCCL is co-operating with its host-institution, the Department of Private Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Oslo for its research program. Also, Section for eGovernment Studies (SeGov), an integrated part of the NRCCL, is a truly interdisciplinary effort, in co-operation with three other faculties (natural science, humanities and social science) offering a bachelor and master degree.


A basis for research issues is legal technology, including but not limited to legal information systems and knowledge based systems.

Published Dec 12, 2013 01:47 PM - Last modified Aug 18, 2015 02:10 PM