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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Tranvik Tommy Tommy, Tranvik Researcher +4722850099
Picture of Olav Torvund Torvund, Olav Professor +4722850095
Picture of Luca Tosoni Tosoni, Luca PhD-Candidate +47 22850093 Rettsinformatikk
Picture of Worku Gedefa  Urgessa Urgessa, Worku Gedefa PhD-Candidate +47 22850084 Rettsinformatikk
Picture of Andreas van den Heuvel van den Heuvel, Andreas PhD Candidate +47 22859685
Picture of Basang Wangdui Wangdui, Basang PhD Candidate +47 22859727
Picture of Geir Woxholth Woxholth, Geir Professor +47-22859766
Picture of Tone Linn Wærstad Wærstad, Tone Linn Postdoctor +47 22850236
Picture of Inger Berg Ørstavik Ørstavik, Inger Berg Associate Professor +47-22859539
Picture of Eirik Østerud Østerud, Eirik Associate Professor +47-22859726