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Room 242B
Visiting address Karl Johans gt. 47 Domus Media 0162 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 6706 St. Olavs plass 0130 Oslo


Jukka Mähönen was successfully recruited to the University of Oslo, where he started working in September 2015. He is Professor from the University of Turku, and holds LL.M. (Turku and Berkeley), M.Sc. (Econ.) (Turku), LL.Lic. (Turku) and LL.D. (Turku) degrees. His dissertation was on the relationship between financial accounting and corporate regulation. In Finland, he was appointed as the chair in Commercial Law at the Faculty of Law at the University of Turku in August 2002. Previously, he worked at the Faculty of Law as a junior lecturer and as a senior lecturer and as a senior officer at the Finnish Ministry of Justice. He has taught as a visiting professor of law and economics at the universities of Helsinki and Eastern Finland. He was the Dean of the Faculty of Law from 2010 to 2015.

Jukka's research interests focus on company and securities law, accounting and auditing law, as well as law and economics. He is currently involved in research projects concerning company law, sustainable development and European economic law. He has served as a board member in the Finnish Corporate Law Association and been a member of the EU Commission’s Advisory Group on Company Law and Corporate Governance. In addition, he has served in various committees of the Finnish Government in the fields of corporate law, property law, tax law and accounting and auditing law. He is currently the chairman of the Audit Board of Finland.

Special fields

International and comparative company and securities law, accounting and auditing law, law and economics.

Research projects

In Finland, Jukka was a project leader in the Academy of Finland financed project ECOHERENCE – Reconciling economic and non-economic values in a multi-polar society. He has a member in the Department of Private Law Sustainable Companies Project.

Selected publications

- Villiers, Charlotte & Mähönen, Jukka: Accounting, auditing, and reporting: supporting or obstructing the sustainable companies objective? In: Sjåfjell, Beate and Richardson, Benjamin: Company Law and Sustainability: Legal Barriers and Opportunities. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, p 175–225.

- Villiers, Charlotte & Mähönen, Jukka: Article 11: Integrated Reporting or Non-Financial Reporting? In: Sjåfjell, Beate & Wiesbrock, Anja (eds): The Greening of European Business under EU Law - Taking Article 11 TFEU Seriously. Abingdon: Routledge,  118–143.

- Sjåfjell, B. & Mähönen, J.: Upgrading the Nordic Corporate Governance Model for Sustainable Companies. European Company Law 11(2):58–62.

- Mähönen, Jukka: Finland: corporate governance: Nordic tradition with American spices. In: Fleckner, Andreas & Hopt, Klaus (eds.): Comparative Corporate Governance: A Functional and International Analysis. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 393–443.

- Mähönen, Jukka: Do we need law and economics in company law? Nordisk tidskrift for selskabsret 1-2/2009.

- Mähönen, Jukka et.al.: What small size got to do with it? Protection of intellectual assets in SMEs. International Journal of Innovation Management 13, 3/2009.

- Mähönen, Jukka: Capital maintenance and distribution rules in modern European company law. In Paul Krüger Andersen and Karsten Engsig Sørensen (ed.): Company Law and Finance, Thomson, 2008.

- Mähönen, Jukka: Taloustiede lain tulkinnassa. [Economics in legal interpretation], Lakimies 102, 1/2004.

- Mähönen, Jukka: Tulo ja pääoma. Kirjanpidon merkitys osakeyhtiön sääntelyssä [Income and Capital: The Role of Accounting in Corporate Regulation], 2001.




Tags: Company Law, securities law, accounting law, auditing law, Law and economics, European Law


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