Kevin McGillivray

PhD Candidate
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Visiting address Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law St. Olavs plass 5 0166 Oslo
Postal address Department of private law Postboks 6706 St. Olavs plass 0130 Oslo

Research interests

Contracts, Public Procurement, Data Protection Law, Cloud Computing and Technology, and Internet Governance. 


Kevin is a US-educated and licensed attorney with a juris doctor in law and bachelor’s degree in political science. Prior to relocating to Norway in 2009, Kevin worked as a judicial law clerk. Kevin completed an LL.M in Information and Communication Technology Law (ICTL) at UiO in 2010. Following his LL.M, Kevin worked on the Internet Governance “Igov2” project at the NRCCL as a research assistant before becoming a PhD fellow in 2012.

PhD project

Kevin is writing a PhD titeled: "Cloud Computing and Contracts"

The goal of the project is to provide a better understanding of the role of contracts in procuring cloud-computing services. The research will evaluate terms and conditions used in cloud computing services and the general contractual structure of cloud computing agreements.




Tags: Contract Law, public procurement, data protection, cloud computing, Internet Governance


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  • McGillivray, Kevin; Esayas, Samson Yoseph & Mahler, Tobias (2016). Give Me a Sign: Expressing Contract Terms and Data Protection Requirements Visually in Cloud Computing. Senter for Rettsinformatikk.  ISBN 9788272261428.  20 s.

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  • McGillivray, Kevin (2017). GEANT Workshop: An introduction to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • McGillivray, Kevin (2017). Kan vi lagre UDIs opplysninger i skyen?.
  • McGillivray, Kevin (2016). Data Protection and Government Cloud—Challenges and Opportunities in Applying the GDPR.
  • McGillivray, Kevin (2016). Final Coco Cloud Project Review: Presentation to the European Commission on Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Data Management.
  • McGillivray, Kevin (2016). Presentation of legal work package results to project Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).
  • McGillivray, Kevin (2016). Regulating Cloud Computing: the role of private ordering, contracts, and public procurement.
  • McGillivray, Kevin (2016). Regulating Cloud Computing: the role of private ordering, contracts, and public procurement..
  • McGillivray, Kevin (2015). Role of contracts in Cloud Computing—an Overview and EU progress..
  • McGillivray, Kevin; Esayas, Samson Yoseph & Mahler, Tobias (2015). Using Technology to Enhance Confidentiality and Regulatory Compliance by Design. Lov & Data.  ISSN 0800-7853.  123(3), s 21- 24
  • McGillivray, Kevin (2014). "Cloud computing—the use of contracts as a means of governing networked computer services.".
  • McGillivray, Kevin (2014). "The Confidential and Compliant Cloud Project (COCO Cloud)".
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  • McGillivray, Kevin (2013). Data Protection in Cloud Contracts.
  • McGillivray, Kevin (2012). "Changing role of the IANA contract".
  • McGillivray, Kevin (2012). Dispute resolution and New gTLDs.
  • McGillivray, Kevin (2011). "New gTLDs and dispute resolution".
  • McGillivray, Kevin (2008). Case Translation: Norway.

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