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Sustainable Market Actors for Responsible Trade

The Sustainable Market Actors for Responsible Trade project (SMART) does research that promotes sustainable development within the planetary boundaries. Please visit our website for updated information from the project. 

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The SMART work

The SMART Project will run for four years from 1 March 2016. It is a interdisciplinary, multi-national research project aiming to significantly advance the understanding of how non-development policies and regulations directed at private and public market actors contribute to, or undermine, development policies. SMART analyses the regulatory complexity within which European market actors operate, both the private sector and the public sector in its many market roles. With a focus especially on international supply chains of products sold in Europe, the aim is to find out what prevents and what promotes a shift towards sustainable development.

The SMART structure

SMART is a H2020 partner project, involving 25 research institutions and more than 50 researchers from various parts of the world, and is a part of the Research Group Companies, Markets and Sustainability.


The SMART Project is funded by the EU's Framework Programme Horizon 2020, under the call Europe as a Global Actor: Greater Policy Coherence for Development. However, the magnitude of the Project and its ambitions goes beyond what is funded by the EU. SMART is therefore made possible through the combination of H2020 funds and research contributions, partly non-funded, by the SMART consortium of scholars united through our common goal of contributing to sustainable development. The Faculty of Law in Oslo and its Department of Private Law have also contributed beyond the H2020 funding, with an expanded position for the Administrative Coordinator as well as with a PhD position, several master student positions and through the contributions of the scholars of the Research Group Companies, Markets and Sustainability. The SMART Project is also significantly supported by and strengthened through its steadily growing Sustainable Market Actors Network.


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Project Coordinator

Prof. Beate Sjåfjell

Administrative Coordinator

Linda Gulli

For more information, go to the SMART project's website