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Academic interests

Emma’s academic interests include punishment, imprisonment, desistance, social inequality, and research methodology. She is currently working as a research assistant on MIGMA – Transnationalism from above and below.


Emma has a Master’s degree in criminology from the University of Oslo. Her thesis examines anticipated desistance among Norwegian prisoners, and how welfare deficiencies affect the prisoners’ desistance optimism.


  • Villman, Emma (2017). Welfare, hope and desistance – the interplay of external and internal factors in the early phases of desistance.
  • Villman, Emma & Søderholm, Tara Matilde (2017). Migrasjon fra vugge til grav. http://www.uio.no/.
  • Villman, Emma Åsa Irene (2017, 11. september). Push factors for Nigerian migration. [Internett].  uio.no.
  • Villman, Emma Åsa Irene & Gürakar-Skribeland, Zehra Özlem (2017, 19. september). Syriske flyktninger fanget i limbo. [Internett].  UiO.
  • Villman, Emma Åsa Irene & Paasche, Erlend (2017, 18. august). Making sense of migration through popular culture. [Internett].  uio.no.

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