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Phone +47-22850116
Visiting address St. Olavs plass 5 Domus Nova 0130 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 6706 St. Olavs plass 0130 OSLO
Other affiliations Faculty of Law (Student)

Academic interests

Martin Nøkleberg’s PhD project examines how security is governed in areas influenced by flows and motions. The sites of inquiry are airports and maritime ports in one Anglo-Saxon context and one Norwegian context; respectively Brisbane (Australia) and Oslo (Norway), as these sites of inquiry captures the notion of flows (airports and ports represent points of entry for both inbound and outbound goods/cargo and people).

The main purpose of Nøkleberg’s study is to provide an empirical account of how plural security governance assemblages functions and operates in areas influenced by flows and mobility. A secondary aim of his project will be to explore how issues of legitimacy and accountability are handled in times of plural security provision.

In order to explore the security governance of airports and ports Nøkleberg propose three research questions that will be examined in the project. Thus, emphasis is being placed at the how various actors work and think in order to govern security; the underlying mentalities; and how, if any, are the cooperative relations between actors involved in the security governance at airports and maritime ports in Norway and Australia


Martin Nøkleberg holds a Master degree in Administration and organization theory from the University of Bergen (2014). In his master thesis, titled ‘Sammen for sikkerhet? En casestudie av sikkerhetsforvaltningen i Bergen’, Nøkleberg explored how the security governance system in the city of Bergen functioned. By using social network analysis a particular emphasis was placed on the formal and informal relationships between public and private actors who were involved in the security provision in Bergen.

After finishing his master degree Nøkleberg has worked as a research assistant at the Department of Administration and Organization Theory and the Department of Comparative Politics, University of Bergen.


Nøkleberg teaches, or have teached, these subjects:

In 2018 he supervises two master students. He also grades different subjects at The Norwegian Police University College. 

Academic fields of knowledge

  • Port and airport security 
  • Security
  • Plural policing
  • Governance
  • Social network analysis

Positions of trust

  • Leader (from 2017) for the "Young Nordic police research network"
  • Member of the Programme Board at IKRS


  • Scandinavian Research Council for Criminology Travel Grant, 2016


  • Nøkleberg, Martin (2016). Security Governance – An Empirical Analysis of the Norwegian Context. Nordisk politiforskning.  ISSN 1894-8693.  3(1), s 53- 82

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  • Nøkleberg, Martin (2016). Bridging the disciplines through the concept of security?.
  • Nøkleberg, Martin (2016). Governing security in spaces of flows.
  • Nøkleberg, Martin (2016). Governing security in spaces of flows - A comparative study of the security governance at airports and maritime ports in Norway and Australia.
  • Nøkleberg, Martin (2016). Reflections on security – an essentially contested concept?.
  • Nøkleberg, Martin (2015). Nettverksteori – sosial nettverksanalyse, hva er det og hva kan det brukes til?.

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