Idil Abdi Abdulle Mohamed

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Visiting address St. Olavs plass 5 Domus Nova 0130 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 6706 St. Olavs plass 0130 OSLO

Academic Interests

Idil is currently undertaking a Master’s degree in the Sociology of Law. Her dissertation concentrates on how Norway has adopted the returndirective 2008/115/EC to secure the rule of law for those faced with both assisted and forced return. Idil’s academic interests include minorities, refugees, language and integration. She is employed as a research assistant on the project Jihadi subculture and street culture.


Idil has a five year experience as a Somali-Norwegian/English translator for Noricom and Tolketjenesten where she has translated for Somali refugees and immigrants. Idil has an undergraduate degree in Sociology from Nord University in Norway, where she wrote her thesis on “immigrant women’s experience with the introductory program”. Idil has completed her A-levels in London at City and Islington Sixthform College. She is born in Oslo with a background from Somalia and has lived in Uganda. Idil is fluent in Norwegian, Somali and English and is also familiar with Swahili.

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