New Working Group: Immigration, Crime and Citizenship

Maria João Guia and May-Len Skilbrei started the ‘Immigration, Crime and Citizenship’ Working Group in 2014 in order to have dedicated discussions at the annual ESC Conference and to use the ESC as a starting point for collaborations between criminologists. The focus is for those with an interest in exploring links between migration and crime and in how intersections of migration and crime are related to citizenship issues.

The working group currently includes researchers working on issues such as immigration control and human rights; borders and border security; human trafficking and the smuggling of migrants; migration and gender; the politics of immigration; crime and deviance; prostitution and migration; migration and victimisation; the intersection of immigration law and criminal law ('Crimmigration'); imprisonment and immigration detention; citizenship and criminal justice; crime and juvenile migration issues; criminal organizations and transnational crime; terrorism and securitisation. As this is a new working group, the priority in the last year was to clarify the ambitions of the group and to plan for establishing platforms for collaboration. The first step has been developing panels for EUROCRIM 2014 and 2015. The breadth of the working group will be evident in the many papers presented by its members at the upcoming Porto conference, and the group will hopefully recruit more members and generate more activities on this basis.

To reach this objective, we will have our first meeting during ESC 2015 in Porto where we welcome all interested in developing these fields. We plan to engage everyone with tasks to get results, not only in the preparation for the next ESC 2016, but also in publishing new books, cooperating in student and researcher exchanges and applying for funds. This working group has a strong connection to the CINETS – Crimmigration Control International Net of Studies ( but is also dedicated to developing an individual identity and strong networks within the European Society of Criminology.


May-Len Skilbrei is Professor of Criminology at the Department of Criminology and the Sociology of Law at Oslo University in Oslo, Norway


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Published June 8, 2016 1:28 PM - Last modified June 8, 2016 1:28 PM