The First CCCH Oslo Seminar

25th of October - Day One

(Room: Auditorium 7, 7th Floor Domus Nova: 10 a.m. - 12.a.m.)

10.00 Coffee/refreshments    
10.30 Welcome/ Kjersti Ericsson

Session One  10.30-12.00 
Moderator: Kjersti Ericsson

10.45 Nicole Rafter: Doing historical research in the field of criminology 
11.00 Anja Johansen: Does History Matter? Perspectives on Comparative and Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Crime and Criminal Justice
11.15 Rene Levy: Introducing the Gern Network 
11.30 General discussion

Lunch: 12.00-13.00 (Pauserommet, 7th Floor Domus Nova)

Session Two 13 - 14
Moderator: Per Jørgen Ystehede

Alternative 1 
(Room: 543, 5th Floor Domus Nova: 13 - 14)

13.00  Jukka Kekkonen: Legal repression after Finnish and Spanish civil wars  
13.15  Kristin Hobson: From different to dangerous? Undesirable victims of war 
13.30  Knut Papendorf: Mothers of War  
Alternative  2 
Moderator: Sverre Flaatten

(Room: 340, 3rd Floor Domus Nova: 13 -14)

13.00  Robert Andersson: Crime policy - some sort of history!     
13.15. Johanne Sköld: Conflicting or complementing narratives? Interviewees´ stories compared to their documentary records in the Swedish Inquiry on Child Abuse and Neglect in Institutions and Foster Homes     
13.30  Kjersti Ericsson: Punishment and Children

Break 14.00-15.00

Session Three 15.00-16.30
Moderator: Kristine Nybø

Alternative  1

(Room: 571, 5th Floor Domus Nova)
15.00 Sverre Flaatten: Criminal law after WW2 in Norway: A preliminary note on sense and sensibilities in Supreme Court verdicts
15.15 Lill Scherdin: Historical moments of the death penalty
15.30 Roddy Nilsson: From solitary confinement to behavioral therapy. Prison, criminal policy and knowledge app 1930-1980         

Alternative 2
Moderator: Per Jørgen Ystehede

(Room: Auditorium 7, 7th Floor Domus Nova)

15.00: Nicole Rafter: Defining Genocide for Criminology  
15.15: Paul Knepper: The Significance of the “International Underworld” to the League of Nations 

15.30: Vidar Halvorsen: Revisiting Langbein's Torture and the Law of Proof: Europe and England in the Ancien Regime

26th of October - Day Two

(Room: Auditorium 7, 7th Floor Domus Nova: 9 a.m. - 15 a.m.)

Session One
Moderator: Per Jørgen Ystehede

09.30 Henrik Stevnsborg: The blurring lines between the police and the military 

09.45 Rene Levy: High and low policing: a reflection on the French and English police "models"

10.00 Björn Furuhagen: Police History

10.15 Chris Williams: Policing, computers and information in the mid-twentieth century UK

Break 10.45-11.00

Session Two 11.00-12.00
Moderator: Kjersti Ericsson

11.00 Janne Flyghed: Traitors, troublemakers and terrorists. Some remarks concerning a century of surveillance of anarchists and syndicalists in Sweden

11.15: Helgi Gunnlaugsson: Alcohol prohibitions in Iceland in the 20th century

11.30: Per Ole Johansen: The Criminology of the Norwegian Prohibition. 1917-1927

Lunch: 12.00-13.30 (Pauserommet, 7th Floor Domus Nova) 

13.30 - 15.00 Summation/ Introductory remarks by Kjersti Ericsson


Kjersti Ericsson
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