Street culture and jihadism

The intertwined relationship between jihadism and street culture.

About the project

The project will expand the present literature on radicalization by studying the association between street culture and ‘jihadi cool’ - the rebranding of militant jihadism into something fashionable. Many radicalized individuals, potential terrorists and foreign fighters in Norway have a background in crime and street culture. They may have been fascinated by the subculture and narrative repertoire of violent jihadism, the excitement of the ultimate rebellion, or the experiences of war. They may be drawn towards radicalized groups for similar reasons to those motivating their earlier attraction to street culture. Jihadism can also be a way to start over again, or to risk or sacrifice one’s life for a glorious cause. This project explores the subtle and complex relationship between street culture and jihadist subculture in terms of social background, style and cultural preferences.


In this project we will explore radicalization and militant Islamism as expressive and emotional acts, and thus add a new dimension to more instrumental understandings of terrorism.

Researchers involved

Sveinung Sandberg

Sébastien Tutenges

Published Sep. 21, 2016 12:50 PM - Last modified Mar. 24, 2017 4:21 PM
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