Laura Letourneau-Tremblay

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Phone +47-22859194
Visiting address St. Olavs plass 5 Domus Nova 5. etasje 0165 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 6706 St. Olavs plass 0130 OSLO


  • Behn, Daniel Friedrich; Fauchald, Ole Kristian & Letourneau-Tremblay, Laura (2017). Promoting Renewable Energy in the EU: Shifting Trends in Member State Policy Space. European Business Law Review.  ISSN 0959-6941.  28(2), s 217- 243
  • Behn, Daniel Friedrich & Letourneau-Tremblay, Laura (2016). Judging the Misapplication of a State‚Äôs Own Environmental Regulations. Journal of World Investment and Trade.  ISSN 1660-7112.  17(5), s 823- 832

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  • Letourneau-Tremblay, Laura (2017). 'The Human Rights of Migrants and Refugees in European Law' by Cathryn Costello. Israel Law Review.  ISSN 0021-2237.
  • Letourneau-Tremblay, Laura (2015). The Bilcon decision: environmental review processes and threats of regulatory chill.

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