"Codification and Constitution"

"Codification and Constitution.  § 94's requirements for legal codification in Norwegian history" by Hilde Sandvik and Dag Michalsen (eds.).

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Oslo: Pax forlag (2013)



The Constitution of 1814 gave the new Norwegian government a new constitution and with the Constitution’s article 94 the National Assembly was also given a new legal basis for reforming all future Norwegian law, in the design of a law book. Thus, a connection between constitution and any other law was formed. A stream of codification projects followed: including a criminal law, a civil code, litigation and the presidency law. This book concerns how § 94 was implemented in Norwegian history, and how Norwegian law was reformed on the basis of this provision. A keyword is 'Lovbog' which was a Norwegian expression for the more international 'codification'. The idea was that as great a part as possible of the right’s of society should be arranged and shaped between two covers, available for all state citizens and built upon the principles of the constitution. The book essentially concerns 1800s Norway, but draws lines towards post-wartime Norway and other Nordic and European codification projects.

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