Instituttlunsj: Popular Governance of Post-Conflict Reconstruction

Matthew Saul presenterer noen sentrale problemstillinger og argumenter i sin nye bok Popular Governance of Post-Conflict Reconstruction. Inger Johanne Sand leder lunsjen.

Matthew William Saul. Foto: IOR, UiO

In his book, Saul identifies and explores the relevance of the international legal parameters that have most bearing on the following question: how should the population of a post-conflict state be involved in the decision-making on the reconstruction of the state?

A key concern of the analysis is with the appropriateness of the international legal framework, which includes the right of all peoples to self-determination, the law on governmental status, and the right to political participation.

Further details on the book are available from Cambridge University Press website



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Publisert 6. jan. 2015 09:11 - Sist endret 7. mai 2015 10:32