Instituttlunsj: Some Proposals for Strengthening the Validity of International Criminal Tribunals

Joanna Nicholson presenterer forskningen som gjøres under PluriCourts pilar om Internasjonale straffedomstoler. Instituttleder Ulf Stridbeck leder lunsjen.

International criminal law (ICL) re-emerged onto the global stage during the 1990s in a flood of good will and optimism. Two decades onwards, ICL has not proven to be the panacea some hoped it might be. Today many query whether the field of ICL can live up to the high expectations that have been placed upon it, and whether it is truly possible for the international criminal justice system to bring peace, reconciliation and accountability to communities ravaged by violence, hatred and impunity. Expectations are shifting as to what ICL can realistically achieve.

The ad hoc tribunals are winding down amidst mixed reviews. The International Criminal Court is facing challenges of its own, not least its uneasy relationship with some African states. At the same time, calls are being made for new courts and ad hoc jurisdictions to be created and for new crimes to be added to make ICL more relevant in today’s world. Some see the answer in complementarity, but this too may not be the solution that, on the face of it, it appears to be.

Joanna Nicholson, Post-Doctoral Researcher at Pluricourts, will present the initial findings from a recent conference hosted by Pluricourts, where participants discussed how the field of international criminal justice can be made more valid, effective and, ultimately, legitimate as it moves into the future.



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Publisert 17. aug. 2016 14:45 - Sist endret 20. des. 2016 10:32