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International Court of Arbitration Rules of Arbitration in force as from 1 January 1998


Standard ICC Arbitration Clause

Rules of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (in force as from 1 January 1998)

Introductory Provisions

Article 1 - International Court of Arbitration

Article 2 - Definitions

Article 3 - Written Notifications or Communications; Time Limits

Commencing the Arbitration

Article 4 - Request for Arbitration

Article 5 - Answer to the Request; Counterclaims

Article 6 - Effect of the Arbitration Agreement

The Arbitral Tribunal

Article 7 - General Provisions

Article 8 - Number of Arbitrators

Article 9 - Appointment and Confirmation of the Arbitrators

Article 10 - Multiple Parties

Article 11 - Challenge of Arbitrators

Article 12 - Replacement of Arbitrators

The Arbitral Proceedings

Article 13 - Transmission of the File to the Arbitral Tribunal

Article 14 - Place of the Arbitration

Article 15 - Rules Governing the Proceedings

Article 16 - Language of the Arbitration

Article 17 - Applicable Rules of Law

Article 18

Article 19 - New Claims

Article 20 - Establishing the Facts of the Case

Article 21 - Hearings

Article 22 - Closing of the Proceedings

Article 23 - Conservatory and Interim Measures


Article 24 - Time Limit for the Award

Article 25 - Making of the Award

Article 26 - Award by Consent

Article 27 - Scrutiny of the Award by the Court

Article 28 - Notification, Deposit and Enforceability of the Award

Article 29 - Correction and Interpretation of the Award


Article 30 - Advance to Cover the Costs of the Arbitration

Article 31 - Decision as to the Costs of the Arbitration


Article 32 - Modified Time Limits

Article 33 - Waiver

Article 34 - Exclusion of Liability

Article 35 - General Rule

Appendix I - Statutes of the International Court of Arbitration of the ICC

Article 1 - Function

Article 2 - Composition of the Court

Article 3 - Appointment

Article 4 - Plenary Session of the Court

Article 5 - Committees

Article 6 - Confidentiality

Article 7 - Modification of the Rules of Arbitration

Appendix II - Internal Rules of the International Court of Arbitration of the ICC

Article 1 - Confidential Character of the Work of the International Court of Arbitration

Article 2 - Participation of Members of the International Court of Arbitration in ICC Arbitration

Article 3 - Relations between the Members of the Court and the ICC National Committees

Article 4 - Committee of the Court

Article 5 - Court Secretariat

Article 6 - Scrutiny of Arbitral Awards

Appendix III - Arbitration Costs and Fees

Article 1 - Advance on Costs

Article 2 - Costs and Fees

Article 3 - Appointments of Arbitrators

Article 4 - Scales of Administrative Expenses and Arbitrator's Fees

A. Administrative Expenses

B. Arbitrator's Fees

Examples for illustrative purposes only


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SiSU Manifest, alternative outputs etc.

ICC - International Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Rules 1998 - (these rules came into effect on 1 January 1998)

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

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Rules of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (in force as from 1 January 1998)

Appendix III - Arbitration Costs and Fees

Article 1 - Advance on Costs

1. Each request to commence an arbitration pursuant to the Rules must be accompanied by an advance payment of US$ 2,500 on the administrative expenses. Such payment is nonrefundable, and shall be credited to the Claimant's portion of the advance on costs.

2. The provisional advance fixed by the Secretary General according to Article 30(1) of the Rules shall normally not exceed the amount obtained by adding together the administrative expenses, the minimum of the fees (as set out in the scale hereinafter) based upon the amount of the claim and the expected reimbursable expenses of the Arbitral Tribunal incurred with respect to the drafting of the Terms of Reference. If such amount is not quantified, the provisional advance shall be fixed at the discretion of the Secretary General. Payment by the Claimant shall be credited to its share of the advance on costs fixed by the Court.

3. In general, after the Terms of Reference have been signed or approved by the Court and the provisional timetable has been established, the Arbitral Tribunal shall, in accordance with Article 30(4) of the Rules, proceed only with respect to those claims or counterclaims in regard to which the whole of the advance on costs has been paid.

4. The advance on costs fixed by the Court according to Article 30(2) of the Rules comprises the fees of the arbitrator or arbitrators (hereinafter referred to as "arbitrator"), any arbitration-related expenses of the arbitrator and the administrative expenses.

5. Each party shall pay in cash its share of the total advance on costs. However, if its share exceeds an amount fixed from time to time by the Court, a party may post a bank guarantee for this additional amount.

6. A party that has already paid in full its share of the advance on costs fixed by the Court may, in accordance with Article 30(3) of the Rules, pay the unpaid portion of the advance owed by the defaulting party by posting a bank guarantee.

7. When the Court has fixed separate advances on costs pursuant to Article 30(2) of the Rules, the Secretariat shall invite each party to pay the amount of the advance corresponding to its respective claim(s).

8. When, as a result of the fixing of separate advances on costs, the separate advance fixed for the claim of either party exceeds one half of such global advance as was previously fixed (in respect of the same claims and counterclaims that are the subject of separate advances), a bank guarantee may be posted to cover any such excess amount. In the event that the amount of the separate advance is subsequently increased, at least one half of the increase shall be paid in cash.

9. The Secretariat shall establish the terms governing all bank guarantees which the parties may post pursuant to the above provisions.

10. As provided in Article 30(2) of the Rules, the advance on costs may be subject to readjustment at any time during the arbitration, in particular to take into account fluctuations in the amount in dispute, changes in the amount of the estimated expenses of the arbitrator, or the evolving difficulty or complexity of arbitration proceedings.

11. Before any expertise ordered by the Arbitral Tribunal can be commenced, the parties, or one of them, shall pay an advance on costs fixed by the Arbitral Tribunal sufficient to cover the expected fees and expenses of the expert as determined by the Arbitral Tribunal. The Arbitral Tribunal shall be responsible for ensuring the payment by the parties of such fees and expenses.

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