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Incoterms 1990 - INternational COmmercial TERMS

Four basic groups


Incoterms 1990, "mirrored" correlative obligations of buyer and seller. Grouped under the following 10 heads.

The 13 Incoterms

Group E: Departure term.
EXW - EX WORKS (... named place)
Group F: Shipment terms - Main carriage unpaid.
FCA - FREE CARRIER (... named place)
FAS - FREE ALONGSIDE SHIP (... named port of shipment)
FOB - FREE ON BOARD (... named port of shipment)
Group C: Shipment terms - Main carriage paid.
CFR - COST AND FREIGHT (... named port of destination)
CIF - COST, INSURANCE AND FREIGHT (... named port of destination)
CPT - CARRIAGE PAID TO (... named place of destination)
CIP - CARRIAGE AND INSURANCE PAID TO (... named place of destination)
Group D: Arrival Terms.
DAF - DELIVERED AT FRONTIER (... named place)
DES - DELIVERED EX SHIP (... named port of destination)
DEQ - DELIVERED EX QUAY (DUTY PAID) (... named port of destination)
DDU - DELIVERED DUTY UNPAID (... named place of destination)
DDP - DELIVERED Duty PAID (... named place of destination)

Mode of Transport and the Appropriate Incoterm 1990

Suitable for Any Mode of Transport including Multimodal:
Suitable for Air Transport:
Suitable for Rail Transport:

Obtaining Incoterms


SiSU Metadata, document information


SiSU Manifest, alternative outputs etc.

Incoterms 1990

[superseded, current Incoterms is Incoterms 2000]

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Document Metadata:

Title: Incoterms 1990 - [superseded, current Incoterms is Incoterms 2000]

Creator: International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

Rights: Copyright (C) 1990 International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

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Date: 1990

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