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Evaluation of ITL Commissioned by The Law Faculty, University of Tromsø [unofficial translation from Norwegian]

1. Introduction

2. Research

3. Teaching Material

4. Development of an information System

5. Conclusion





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Evaluation of the International Trade Law - WWW

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Evaluation of ITL Commissioned by The Law Faculty, University of Tromsø [unofficial translation from Norwegian]

5. Conclusion

The University of Tromsø has established a valuable information system that has aroused justified international attention. The system is based on a new technology, and use of that technology for providing of legal information must be regarded as an experiment. As an experiment the system must be regarded as very successful, even if there is room for improvement. Some weakness in the system must be attributed to weakness in technology in its existing state of development, but the technology is developing rapidly.

For users it would be unfortunate if the service was not continued.

For the University of Tromsø it would in my opinion be unfortunate if one would discontinue a well developed service, that is amongst the leaders in the world in its area. Universities world-wide are now working to establish something similar, and to give their service a profile that sets it apart from all other universities that are on the net. Not surprisingly it is universities in the USA that are putting most effort into this, given that these are traditionally more engaged in marketing themselves than a European University. But with internationalisation as a declared objective, it is important also for Norwegian universities to make their Institutions visible.* One will give away a solid lead within what in future is going to be a very important information channel.

The University of Tromsø should also be in a position where they can take a leadership role in the development of this type of activity within law educational institutions within Norway. The Law Faculty of the University of Oslo has a WWW server, but not as well developed as the server in Tromsø. The Law Faculty of the University of Bergen does not appear to have any such service, in any event not that I have been able to discover. (The other faculties in Bergen have established this). Institutt for Rettsinformatikk (Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law) will be interested in a eventual co-operation on this, though we cannot answer on behalf of the Faculty.

My advice is that the service is continued, and the University of Tromsø seeks to maintain the leader position that she has today. Institutt for rettsvitenskap (The Law Faculty) must in the meantime determine which direction they wish to develop the service: Does one wish to carry on research in this area? Further develop this for use in education? And/ or further develop an information service?

The three development possibilities to not exclude each other. But one must be prepared that each of these will require resources, such that one must for this reason prioritise. Further development of the service will be necessary whether one chooses to concentrate on research or education. Institute for Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law) will readily (gladly) discuss co-operation on each of these three areas, without being able at this time to say what kind of resources we will eventually be able to put into this.

With kind regards

Olav Torvund

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