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LCIA Arbitration Rules
(adopted to take effect from 1 January 1985)


Article 1 - Request for Arbitration

Article 2 - Response by Respondent

Article 3 - The Arbitral Tribunal

Article 4 - Communications Between Parties and the Tribunal

Article 5 - Conduct of the Proceedings

Article 6 - Submission of Written Statements and Documents

Article 7 - Place of Arbitration

Article 8 - Language Of Arbitration

Article 9 - Party Representatives

Article 10 - Hearings

Article 11 - Witnesses

Article 12 - Experts Appointed by the Tribunal

Article 13 - Additional Powers of the Tribunal

Article 14 - Jurisdiction of the Tribunal

Article 15 - Deposits and Security

Article 16 - The Award

Article 17 - Correction of Awards and Additional Awards

Article 18 - Costs

Article 19 - Exclusion of Liability

Article 20 - General Rules

Schedule of Costs (effective I January 1985)

Administrative Costs

Costs of the Tribunal


Recommended Arbitration Clauses

Future disputes

Existing disputes

The London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA)






SiSU Metadata, document information


SiSU Manifest, alternative outputs etc.

LCIA Arbitration Rules - (adopted to take effect from 1 January 1985)

London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA)

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LCIA Arbitration Rules
(adopted to take effect from 1 January 1985)

Article 11 - Witnesses

11.1 Before any hearing. the Tribunal may require any party to give notice of the identity of witnesses it wishes to call. as well as the subject matter of their testimony and its relevance to the issues.

11.2 The Tribunal has discretion to allow, refuse, or limit the appearance of witnesses, whether witnesses of fact or expert witnesses.

11.3 Any witness who gives oral evidence may be questioned by each of the parties or their legal practitioners, under the control of the Tribunal. The Tribunal may put questions at any stage of the examination of tl1e witnesses.

11.4 The testimony of witnesses may be presented in written form either as signed statements or by duly sworn affidavits. Subject to Article 11.2 any party may request that such a witness should attend for oral examination at a hearing. If he fails to attend, the Tribunal may place such weight on the written testimony as it thinks fit, or exclude it altogether.

11.5 Subject to the mandatory provisions of any applicable law it shall be proper for any party or its legal practitioners to interview any witness or potential witness prior to his appearance at any hearing.

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