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January 20, 1996 Magellan Review. Received notification of ITL 4 star rating. International Trade Law Project. 4-STAR Free Trade Treaties Page 4-STARs under Business & Economics, Economic Policy 4 February, 1996: "Opened" the "New" ITL Server.

12 February, 1996 Internet Business 500 "Premiere Site".

February 29, 1996 Local installation of Excite 1.0 search engine for Windows NT. This may be found on our home page.

March 18, 1996 Another round of updating of the status of UNCITRAL conventions, in progress. Information kindly provided by UNCITRAL. The update would be a lot easier but for poor html used by us in making the last set of tables in 1995.

April 8, 1996 Mirrored the ITL home page on the old server Ananse. Some reorganisation of the directory structure at the ITL may mean that some old links (made to us from external sites) may not work. Please inform us of any local errors you encounter. This restructuring will improve possibilities for indexing in future. Excite for NT is no longer beta, it is available and is recommended.

April 11, 1996 Official New York opening of the CISG International Trade Database of The Pace Law School Institute of International Commercial Law and Pace Law School Library.

April 14 - 19, 1996 18 members of the Law Faculty of the University of Troms? visit Geneva. Primary purpose of visit was for the faculty to visit the EFTA Court, ILO, and Red Cross. Took the opportunity to visit: the Economic Research and Analysis Division of the WTO; the World Trade Organization; the World Intellectual Property Organization; the United Nations International Computing Center; the United Nations building including the Economic Commission for Europe and an UNCTAD session which was in progress. Warm Regards to everyone we met on this trip.

April 29, 1996 WIPO the World Intellectual Property Organization has a documented home page at http://www.unicc.org/wipo. Until this contains publicly accessible information here is much of the information contained in the WIPO publication "WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization - General Information, Geneva 1996" ISBN 92-805-0238-7 - including their address. WIPO member states. Selected publications.

April 30, 1996 A requested posting. Information on Conference "Dispute Resolution in the WTO" 14th June 1996 at the Royal Windsor Hotel, Brussels. Also added WTO member states. 6 - 10 May 1996: IRV specialization option: Private Law Aspects of International Trade Law Exam paper. Some related material.

May 10, 1996 Added two sets of lex mercatoria texts: a set of rules given as "Principles for International Commercial Contracts", by Unidroit; the other, "Principles of European Contract Law" proposed for use within the EU.
A new category is to be found on the trade law areas by subject page titled "Lex Mercatoria?"

May 10, 1996 Re-adorned home page ITL based largely on the the "Subject Index". Our former home page (4 February 1996 - 10 May 1996).

June 14, 1996 Footnotes added as hyperlinked endnotes to our presentation of The Final Act of the Uruguay Round establishing the World Trade Organization and containing GATT 1994. Effort by Thomas Nordg?rd.

June 18, 1996 Virtuocity is proud to offer links to the Internet's best resources.
"We've selected your site, International Trade Law Project, and placed a link to it in the International Business section of our Business Center... Congratulations on having produced such an excellent resource. Keep up the good work!"

June 18, 1996 A few new Perl scripts promise slight modifications to our presentation of convention texts. Implementation begun eg. on presentation of lex mercatoria texts. June 24, 1996: Several Convention texts represented with fewer images, more appropriate for us conservative lawyers.
Sample. (Presentations of the Hamburg Rules:) previous presentation and current presentation.
Other additions/ alterations. Added to our home page is a section on the Interpretation of legal texts.
Reorganisation of items such as payment, factoring and leasing under a new section on Finance.

June 28, 1996 ITL Facelift. Our former look.

July 24, 1996 UNCITRAL information is updated, based on the "UNCITRAL 7 pager". There is much activity on UNCITRAL's official pages.

(August, 1996) US Library of Congress - complimentary remarks on the ITL.

US Library of Congress in July 1997:
"Guide to Law Online Linking Page to:
INTERNATIONAL TRADE LAW Treaties, etc. (from Troms?, Norway)
This superb site created by Ralph Amissah and hosted by the University of Troms?, in Norway, is one of the very finest law Web sites in the world. It provides an extensive list of international trade conventions and related instruments, including rules and model Laws, and often provides hypertext access to the full texts..." [bold text added for emphasis]

August 1, 1996 ICC Publication List Updated.

August 19, 1996 A bit of work put into the list of Conventions etc.

August 22, 1996 EyeOnTheWeb Eye Site Award "Eye Sites are the best in their categories".

September 12, 1996 ITL presentation evolution continues. Optimised for 3.0 ( Netscape and Microsoft).
Our former look.
ITL alternative name used - International Trade Law Monitor.

October-November, 1996 For those curious as to what is going on - there are lots of subtle, improvements ... a number of these are visible, if you have been a frequent user see what you are able to spot.

November 21, 1996 Selected as A Business Compass Site, and invited to wear their badge.

November 28, 1996 Paper commissioned by the Troms? Law Faculty (IRV) examining Intellectual Property Rights in ITL (in Norwegian)


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