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January 7, 1997 Selected as A Washington Web Top Site.
"Congratulations! Your Website has been selected as one of the "Top DC Sites" on the original Washington Web."

January 16, 1997 Selected for a Webscout Award.
"We've reviewed International Trade Law and decided that it deserves to be included as one of our "Way Cool Sites" (And we're extremely choosy!)"
"Way Cool Links offers Web Surfers one of the finest bookmark collections available.
We selected only the top one per cent of all Web sites!"

January 22, 1997 Selected by Netguide and invited to display their NetGuide Gold Award.
"Congratulations! NetGuide has selected your site as a Gold Site - one of the best on the Web. The Gold Award recognizes Web sites that meet our stringent criteria for overall excellence. ...
NetGuide has screened over 100,000 URLs and reviewed more than 50,000 sites and our Gold Award goes to only 15,000 of the Web's best sites."
"Hosted by the University of Troms?, Norway, this impeccable resource organizes trade law materials by subject, lists international organizations related to trade, and chronicles international conventions. ... Overall rating 4 stars."

January 24, 1997 EZ Connect Best of the Web Award.
"EZ Connect is a directory of the best and most useful sites on the Internet."

February 7, 1997 " On the Net and the liberation of information that "wants" to be free" published on ITL - updated 17 and submitted for paper publication. Work paper contributed to the publication prepared in commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of the Law Faculty of the University of Troms?. Now I must confess that I did not know about the FSS or OSS at the time, and it would have been a good thing/useful to incorporate these ideas.

March 14, 1997 Rudimentary Electronic Citation System and Electronic ID or Document Verification System complete. New presentation of Article "On the Net..." provided as a practical example, the substantive text remains the same as that of February 17.
Electronic Citation is mentioned in passing within the article that is provided as an example, at e? 75 and e? 148. These are the numbers found at the end of "paragraphs" marked ecs ? # in a ghost or shadow colour and in superscript, or: "ecs ? ..." [this has been subsequently changed to { 0 }]. Although provided as hyperlinks here, these numbers are particularly useful in written citation of the text, as different browsers format html texts differently, and most browsers print the same document out in different font sizes, resulting in different page numbering. After some consideration, it appears to me that for the present time the preferred citation system is the simplest, numbering sequentially all elements of the substantive document - including title, author, headings and paragraphs. Anything else requires decisions which require discussion as to what may be best and why and how to achieve uniformity of adoption. For example should headings be numbered differently from ordinary text? What about the author's numbering of such headings if any? Should sub-headings be numbered differently from headings, why not? If so how? Until such questions are decided, this is my take, our "ecs" or "ghost 'paragraph' numbering" will be incorporated into future texts presented at this site without other suitable means of referencing.
Digital Signatures are also mentioned in passing within the article that is provided as an example at e? 31 and e? 78. A digital stamp is provided for the text which is to be found at the bottom of the page and via the "Document Verification Details" link that is to be found (also) within the document presentation. The program that generates the digital stamp will produce the same stamp for the same text. As used here the stamp program also looks at html tags. Thus documents a and b are different though they look the same because some cleaning up has been done in the program and resulting html that produced b. Information about the generating program is provided. What has been achieved is that only the substantive portion of the text is looked at, which has a number of benefits - including allowing the tagging/appending of document information at the end of the document, without alteration of the stamp. The stamp for presentation "c" is only different from that of "b" because of the change of citation from ecs? to e?.
Note: For secure communications (and consequent transactions) requirements include the following: certainty of sender; certainty of recipient; text unaltered before or after receipt; text readable only by (sender) and recipient; (notification of receipt).
A short note on the subject is provided.

September 1997 Presented "The Autonomous Contract" in Bergen. Paper: The Autonomous Contract: Reflecting the borderless electronic-commercial environment in contracting. Presented at the XIII Nordic Conference on Legal Informatics 17th - 19th September 1997. and published in "Elektronisk handel - rettslige aspekter. Nordisk ?rsbok i rettsinformatikk 1997" (Electronic Commerce - Legal Aspects. The Nordic yearbook of Legal Informatics 1997) edited by Randi Punsvik. ISBN 82 518 3686 7

October 1997 "On the Net" article was attached as part of an official submission to the Judges of the Washington Supreme Court and Court Commissioner's Office that was prepared by Mr. Bradley Hillis; Office of the Administrator for the Courts, State of Washington, US

October 1997 Relocated in London, via Cairo. Site largely on remote pilot. Updating off-line.


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