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January 2000 Our December 1999 Millennium site presentation is in place. We are fully Y2K compliant ;-) and expect the new interface for the site to be in place and fully functional. Information on the text presentations and navigation is available here. For a while the old presentation (Summer 1999) will be available here, but will either be deleted or replaced by this presentation, as representing the way we ended 1999.

May 2000 Spurred on by the Schmitthoff Symposium 2000, Law and Trade in the 21st Century, Legal Problems in International Business at the Dawn of the New Millennium, held by The Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary and Westfeild College, University of London, here is a draft version of Revisiting the Autonomous Contract which remains subject to revision.

June 1st to 3rd 2000 Center for Commercial Legal Studies, Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London, holds the most impressive conference in honour of Professor Clive Schmitthoff, titled "Law and Trade in the 21st Century: Legal Problems in International Business at the Dawn of the New Millennium"

July 8th 2000 Lex Mercatoria is acquired by Cameron May internationally renowned law publishers and conference organizers. The site is to be built out further, covering a wider subject area, and the intention is that most material on it will remain available free, and there will be information on Cameron May products. I expect that there will be a new history tree.
Cameron May - International Law Publishers

July 10th - 14th 2000 The Legal Information Institute, Cornell University, holds a rather exclusive, intensive, and excellent Summit: "The LII Workshop on Emerging Public Legal Information Standards"

August 2000 Site revamped and in place - reorganised together with additional subject areas and new look.

August 2000 Incorporate some javascript (for the first time) for navigation purposes, off Brainjar www.brainjar.com. Looks ok on the browsers for which it presents itself, we'll see whether we retain it. (Removed April 17, 2001)

September 2000 Possibly the most significant addition are the international treaties in environmental law

September 2000 Incidentally there is much happening around this time to do with encryption and digital signatures. Early this month (September 26th 2000) a key patent belonging to RSA Security expired. RSA Security a couple of weeks prior to that date placed their encryption algorithm in the public domain. (This amongst other things increases opportunities for incorporation and use of strong encryption in uniform open source products).
On October 2nd the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) announce the new Advanced Encryption Standard winner of the competition they set up for this purpose. Of the five entrants word on the street favour Twofish, Rijndael and Serpent. Incidentally under the terms of the competition the NIST is not limited to selecting one only.
And in the U.S. the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act is law, granting (from today 1st October, 2000) electronic signatures the same binding legal status as hand-written signatures and thereby making the signing of enforceable contracts online possible on the click of a mouse, with all that that may imply.


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