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May 17 2002 RA: I got tired of waiting for (Debian's) Woody, and went ahead and switched Linux development platform from SuSE to Debian. I have nothing but praise for SuSE and recommend it strongly (it really showed up what I had used previously for all that it was not!) Debian (so far) is a pleasure to use and maintain, though its installation was torture (compared to for example SuSE or Mandrake), however, its packaging system, and philosophy, make it irresistible, and here for now I am comfortable.

Linux & Ruby (on Debian) - Way Better!
Way Better!

July 15, 2002 RA: Site automatically feeds into Postgresql database (could be any other of the better ones) - together with all additional information related to document structure, and the aternative ways in which it is generated on the site retained. An offline feature with many potential implications. This is well overdue as the site was designed from the ground up to ensure/facilitate this possibility.

August 15, 2002 RA: WordMaps - Automatically generated word indexes are provided for all substantive documents on the site, together with links to the paragraphs in which they occur for both "scroll" and segmented documents. Proof of concept, planned to develop into a more functional index of legal terms. This is well overdue as the site was designed from the ground up to ensure/facilitate this possibility.

November 12, 2002 RA: Information put up (on an independent site) about software that generates this site, SiSU http://www.jus.uio.no/sisu/ for general information, much of which discusses this diagram/chart http://www.jus.uio/no/sisu/sisu.pdf


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