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Site Awards

We are an old site (in web terms) here are a few of the "awards" we have collected along the way. Thank you to those who thought us worthy of them.

January 24, 1997: EZ Connect Best of the Web Award.
"EZ Connect is a directory of the best and most useful sites on the Internet."
"Celebrate!!... EZ Connect has awarded your site "Best of the Net." You have one of the best and most useful sites on the Internet and we'd like to award you for that." EZ Connect Best of the Web

January 22, 1997: Selected by Netguide and invited to display their NetGuide Gold Award.
"Congratulations! NetGuide has selected your site as a Gold Site - one of the best on the Web. The Gold Award recognizes Web sites that meet our stringent criteria for overall excellence. ...

NetGuide has screened over 100,000 URLs and reviewed more than 50,000 sites and our Gold Award goes to only 15,000 of the Web's best sites."

"Hosted by the University of Troms?, Norway, this impeccable resource organizes trade law materials by subject, lists international organizations related to trade, and chronicles international conventions. ... Overall rating 4 stars." NetGuide Gold Site

January 16, 1997: Selected as Webscout Award.
"We've reviewed International Trade Law and decided that it deserves to be included as one of our "Way Cool Sites" (And we're extremely choosy!)" "Way Cool Links offers Web Surfers one of the finest bookmark collections available.

We selected only the top one per cent of all Web sites!"

"Text based site contains information on treaties, trade and International law regarding commerce around the world. Find out about NAFTA (North American Free Trade Act), Intellectual Property Law, World Trade Agreement and much more. This award winning site is a goldmine of information for anyone involved in, or considering international trade." Webscout Award

January 7, 1997: Selected as A Washington Web Top Site.
"Congratulations! Your Website has been selected as one of the "Top DC Sites" on the original Washington Web." -

November 21, 1996: Selected as A Business Compass Site, and invited to wear their badge.

"Researchers, lawyers, and business analysts can use ITL for educational or legal research on any topics related to international trade law. The site can also be used to find many other Web sites related to international trade as well as information on the trade related organizations." A Business Compass Site

August 22, 1996: EyeOnTheWeb Eye Site Award "Eye Sites are the best in their categories".

Your Internet site has been named a Selected "Eye Site" by EyeOnTheWeb's Site Selection Team. Our selections are from among thousands of Websites, and are based on content, usability, graphics and overall design. Selected sites are retained as long as they continue to meet our criteria.
... Eye Sites are the best sites in their categories..."
The Eye Team
Internet Eye On the Web, Inc. Eye On the Web Award

June 18, 1996: Virtuocity is proud to offer links to the Internet's best resources.
"We've selected your site, International Trade Law Project, and placed a link to it in the International Business section of our Business Center... Congratulations on having produced such an excellent resource. Keep up the good work!" Virtuocity Award

12 February, 1996: Internet Business 500 "Premiere Site" .
CONGRATULATIONS: IB500 "PREMIERE SITE": Site Name: International Trade Law Project Site URL: http://ananse.irv.uit.no/trade_law/nav/trade.html
[ Updated appropriate URL: http://itl.irv.uit.no/trade_law/ ]
"The International Trade Law Project is a successful attempt by the University of Troms? (Norway) to provide a Web-based foundation for legal research and education in the field of international law. Despite its foreign origins, the site is completely in English. It's also a long-standing Web site, dating back to October 1993. Here you can search for a facet of trade law you are interested in or browse a list of subjects, including topics such as electronic data interchange (EDI), insurance, leasing, sale of goods, trademarks, copyrights and dispute settlements. Naturally, you'll find links to extensive archives on GATT and NAFTA, the two biggest international trade agreements ratified in recent years. Here you'll also find links to the European Union, the World Bank, the World Intellectual Property Organization, the United Nations and the International Chamber of Commerce, among others."
Site Name: GATT and NAFTA
Site URL: http://ananse.irv.uit.no/trade_law/gatt/nav/toc.html
[Updated appropriate URL: http://itl.irv.uit.no/trade_law/nav/freetrade.html]

Site Name: International Trade Law Project
Site URL: http://ananse.irv.uit.no/trade_law/notice/icc_own.html
[Updated appropriate URL: http://itl.irv.uit.no/trade_law/notice/icc_own.html]
[Updated appropriate URL: http://itl.irv.uit.no/trade_law/nav/freetrade.html]
"These sites provide extensive coverage on some of the most historic political and economic treaties of our time, including the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The GATT/WTO site is part of the International Trade Law Project. If you click the related button within this page, it will give you access to other trade law resources plus connections to major trade organizations throughout the world." Internet Business 500 Premiere Site!

January 20, 1996: Magellan Review. Received notification of ITL 4 star rating.
"Congratulations! Your Internet sites
International Trade Law Project http://ananse.irv.uit.no/trade_law/nav/trade.html
Free Trade Treaties page http://ananse.irv.uit.no/trade_law/nav/freetrade.html
have been selected by The McKinley Group's professional editorial team as a "4-Star" site. This is the highest rating an Internet site can achieve in Magellan, McKinley's comprehensive Internet directory of over 1.5 million sites and 40,000 reviews. As a Magellan 4-Star site, you are being awarded a special logo to recognize the hard work that has gone into establishing and maintaining your site.
We encourage you to display the prestigious 4-Star logo proudly...
Here at The McKinley Group, we pride ourselves on our ability to recognize the best resources on the Net. Your site has excelled in our rigorous review process, in which we consider three primary factors: depth of content, ease of exploration, and Net appeal."

In the April 11, 1995, Volume of PC Magazine our "Trade Law Library Page" selected as one of PC Magazine's top 100 Web Sites.


A few places in which we are particularly proud to have been listed

Official WEB Site Locator for the UNITED NATIONS System of Organizations
Other WEB Sites containing UN-related information compiled by non-UN sources United Nations Official Site Locator

US Library of Congress mention of ITL

"Guide to Law Online Linking Page to:
INTERNATIONAL TRADE LAW Treaties, etc. (from Troms?, Norway)
This superb site created by Ralph Amissah and hosted by the University of Troms?, in Norway, is one of the very finest law Web sites in the world. It provides an extensive list of international trade conventions and related instruments, including rules and model Laws, and often provides hypertext access to the full texts. This basic list is arranged by decades, but the component lists, arranged by topic, may often be more useful, and may be accessed directly ..." 06/1997 (till 02/2001) US Library of Congress

2000 Update to Guide to International Trade Law Sources on the Internet Marci Hoffman.
"Lex Mercatoria (International Trade/Commercial Law Monitor). If I only had one place to go for access to the full text of major trade related agreements, this would be it. This web site also has many international agreements and documents in areas related to trade (contracts, sales, arbitration, etc.). The site is well organized and offers a subject index, a search mechanism, and links to other sites."
Marci Hoffman is the International & Foreign Law Librarian at the E.B. Williams Law Library, Georgetown University Law Center. 1998 updated 2000  

Norwegian Government Norwegian State Department

The Legal Information Institute, Cornell University Legal Information Institute, Cornell University

Yale University Library, United Nations Scholar's Workstation
Research topic International Trade Law -

Institute of International Commercial Law, School of Law, Pace University

"The Troms? database is the first WWW site dedicated to a given area of law on the Internet: international trade law and its many ramifications. Edited by Ralph Amissah, it is an important site for international trade law materials and links to related materials on the "net". Like the UNCITRAL database, it is an especially good site to "bookmark": exploration of the by-ways opened up by its links opens up much relevant information related to contracts governed by the CISG." 02/1997 Institute of International Commercial Law, Pace University

CISG Rabel Website, University of Frieburg CISG Rabel Website, University of Frieburg

Public International Law Professor Francis Auburn, Western Australia

"International Trade Law(University of Troms?)
Important and Well-Constructed Trade Law Resource. Topics include" ... -

Excite Review, International Trade Law

Review: This wonderfully full site explores issues of international trade law, complete with full-text treaties, conventions and laws (including GATT). Compiled by Ralph Amissah and hosted by the University of Troms?, Norway.

Review: Creating this site certainly must've been a project. Seems like there's nothing this group operating out of the Law Faculty of the University of Troms?, in Norway, missed in this huge and well-organized collection of international trade law information. Read or search treaties, conventions, laws, rules, country profiles, writings, and more."

Review: Search by company, by industry or by concept on this very impressive site that also gives links to other related sites, both legal and otherwise. Excite Reviews,


Always remembering that
we are a small unit and will continue to do what we can.
Thank you for visiting.

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