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Milan Chamber of Commerce - International Arbitration Rules

Standard Arbitration Clauses

Clause for Sole Arbitrator

Clause for Arbitral Tribunal

Clause for Multi-Party Arbitration

Submission Agreement(3)


The Chamber of Arbitration

The Arbitral Council

The Secretariat

TITLE I - Commencement of the Preceedings

Art. 1 - Arbitration Agreement

Art. 2 - Request for Arbitration

Art. 3 - Statement of Defence and Counterclaim by Defendant

Art. 4 - Deposit on the Costs of the Proceedings

TITLE II - The Arbitrator

Art. 5 - Appointment of the Arbitrator

Art. 6 - Acceptance and Statement of Independence by the Arbitrator

Art. 7 - Replacement of the Arbitrator in Case of Challenge, Resignation, Impossibilityor Obstructive Behaviour

TITLE III-The Proceedings

Art. 8 - Transmission of the File to the Arbitrator

Art. 9 - Arbitral Jurisdiction

Art. 10 - Connected Disputes

Art. 11 - Seat of the Arbitration

Art. 12 - Language of the Arbitration

Art. 13 - Norms Applicable to the Merits

Art. 14 - Urgent Measures

Art. 15 - Rules Governing the Proceedings and the Taking of Evidence

Art. 16 - Hearings and Minutes

Art. 17 - Settlement in the Course of the Proceedings

TITLE IV-The Award and Costs

Art. 18 - Deliberation and Signing of the Award

Art. 19 - Contents of the Award

Art. 20 - Partial Award

Art. 21 - Time Limit for Filing the Award: Suspensions and Extensions

Art. 22 - Costs of the Proceedings and Payments

TITLE V-General Provisions

Art. 23 - Scope and Application of the Rules

Art. 24 - Notices and Time Limits

Art. 25 - Filing of Acts and Documents by the Parties

Art. 26 - Restitution and Keeping of Acts

Art. 27 - Obligation to Preserve Confidentiality

Art. 28 General rule


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Milan Chamber of Commerce - International Arbitration Rules

Milan Chamber of Commerce

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Milan Chamber of Commerce - International Arbitration Rules

TITLE II - The Arbitrator

Art. 7 - Replacement of the Arbitrator in Case of Challenge, Resignation, Impossibilityor Obstructive Behaviour

1. Within ten days of receiving noticeof the Statement of the Arbitrator provided for in Art. 6, or of becomingaware of a new ground, each party may, under pain of expiry, file a reasonedchallenge against the arbitrator with the Secretariat.

The Arbitral Council shall render a final decision onthe challenge, after having heard the arbitrator, which may also be onlyin writing.

The Arbitral Council may remove the arbitrator on its own initiative.

2. The arbitrator may resign in the courseof the proceedings for serious reasons, by giving written notice thereofto the Arbitral Council.

3. The arbitrator shall be replaced incase of death or supervening impossibility.

4. In case of obstructive behaviour bythe arbitrator, such as inactivity, unjustified delay or negligence inperforming his tasks, the Arbitral Council shall issue a first warningin writing. If the arbitrator still does not fulfil his duties, the Councilshall remove him and appoint another arbitrator in his place.

5. In all cases of replacement providedfor in this Article, the Arbitral Council shall decide on the manner ofappointment of the new arbitrator and determine the fees due to the arbitratorwho has been replaced, taking into account the work done.

6. In all cases of replacement of thearbitrator provided for in the present Article, the new sole arbitratoror the new Arbitral Tribunal shall decide whether to repeat all or someof the acts in the proceedings. Where all acts are to be repeated, thetime limit for rendering the award starts running ex novo from the momentin which the renewal order has been issued.

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