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Singapore Arbitration Act 2001 (First Read 25th September 2001, Passed 5 October 2001, Assented 27 October 2001, Commencement Date ...)


Part I - Preliminary

Short title and commencement


Application of this Act

Part II - Arbitration Agreement

Arbitration agreement

Arbitration agreement not to be discharged by death of party

Part III - Stay of Legal Proceedings

Stay of legal proceedings

Court's powers on stay of proceedings

Reference of interpleader issue to arbitration

Part IV - Commencement of Arbitration Proceedings

Commencement of arbitration proceedings

Powers of Court to extend time for beginning of arbitration proceedings

Application of Limitation Act

Part V - Arbitral Tribunal

Number of arbitrators

Appointment of arbitrators

Grounds for challenge

Challenge procedure

Failure or impossibility to act

Arbitrator ceasing to hold office

Appointment of substitute arbitrator

Decision by panel of arbitrators

Liability of arbitrator

Part VI - Jurisdiction of Arbitral Tribunal

Separability of arbitration clause and competence of arbitral tribunal to rule on its own jurisdiction

Part VII - Arbitral Proceedings

General duties of arbitral tribunal

Determination of rules of procedure

Statements of claim and defence

Hearings and written proceedings

Consolidation of proceedings and concurrent hearings

Power to appoint experts

General powers exercisable by arbitral tribunal

Powers of arbitral tribunal in case of party's default

Witnesses may be summoned by subpoena

Court's powers exercisable in support of arbitration proceedings

Part VIII - Award

Law applicable to substance of dispute

Awards made on different issues



Extension of time for making award

Award by consent

Form and contents of award

Costs of arbitration

Fees of arbitrator

Power to withhold award in case of non-payment

Court may charge property with payment of solicitor's costs in arbitration

Correction or interpretation of award and additional award

Effect of award

Part IX - Powers of Court in Relation to Aaward

Determination of preliminary point of law

Enforcement of award

No judicial review of award

Court may set aside award

Appeal against award

Supplementary provisions to challenge appeal

Effect of order of Court upon appeal or challenge against award

Application for leave of Court, etc.

Part X - Miscellaneous

Notice and other requirements in connection with legal proceedings

Powers of Court and Registrar

Rules of Court

Proceedings to be heard otherwise than in open court

Restrictions on reporting of proceedings heard otherwise than in open court

Application to references under statutory powers

Immunity of arbitral institutions

Service of notices

Reckoning periods of time

Appointment of mediator

Power of arbitrator to act as mediator

Act to bind Government

Repeal and transitional provisions

Consequential amendments to Bankruptcy Act

Consequential amendments to Limitation Act


SiSU Metadata, document information


SiSU Manifest, alternative outputs etc.

Singapore - Arbitration Act, 2001


copy @ Lex Mercatoria

Singapore Arbitration Act 2001 (First Read 25th September 2001, Passed 5 October 2001, Assented 27 October 2001, Commencement Date ...)

Part X - Miscellaneous

Appointment of mediator

62. (1) In any case where an agreement provides for the appointment of a mediator by a person who is not one of the parties and that person refuses to make the appointment or does not make the appointment within the time specified in the agreement or, if no time is so specified, within a reasonable time of being requested by any party to the agreement to make the appointment, the Chairman of the Singapore Mediation Centre may, on the application of any party to the agreement, appoint a mediator who shall have the like powers to act in the mediation proceedings as if he had been appointed in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

(2) The Chief Justice may, if he thinks fit, by notification published in the Gazette, appoint any other person to exercise the powers of the Chairman of the Singapore Mediation Centre under subsection (1).

(3) Where an arbitration agreement provides for the appointment of a mediator and further provides that the person so appointed shall act as an arbitrator in the event of the mediation proceedings failing to produce a settlement acceptable to the parties

(a) no objection shall be taken to the appointment of such person as an arbitrator, or to his conduct of the arbitral proceedings, solely on the ground that he had acted previously as a mediator in connection with some or all of the matters referred to arbitration; and

(b) if such person declines to act as an arbitrator, any other person appointed as an arbitrator shall not be required first to act as a mediator unless a contrary intention appears in the arbitration agreement.

(4) Unless a contrary intention appears therein, an agreement which provides for the appointment of a mediator shall be deemed to contain a provision that in the event of the mediation proceedings failing to produce a settlement acceptable to the parties within 4 months, or such longer period as the parties may agree to, of the date of the appointment of the mediator or, where he is appointed by name in the agreement, of the receipt by him of written notification of the existence of a dispute, the mediation proceedings shall thereupon terminate.

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