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United Nations Convention Against Corruption


Chapter I - General provisions

Article 1 - Statement of purpose

Article 2 - Use of terms

Article 3 - Scope of application

Article 4 - Protection of sovereignty

Chapter II - Preventive measures

Article 5 - Preventive anti- corruption policies and practices

Article 6 - Preventive anti- corruption body or bodies

Article 7 - Public sector

Article 8 - Codes of con duct for public officials

Article 9 - Public procurement and management of public finances

Article 10 - Public reporting

Article 11 - Measures relating to the judiciary and prosecution services

Article 12 - Private sector

Article 13 - Participation of society

Article 14 - Measures to prevent money - laundering

Chapter III - Criminalization and law enforcement

Article 15 - Bribery of national public officials

Article 16 - Bribery of foreign public officials and officials of public international organizations

Article 17 - Embezzlement, misappropriation or other diversion of property by a public official

Article 18 - Trading in influence

Article 19 - Abuse of functions

Article 20 - Illicit enrichment

Article 21 - Bribery in the private sector

Article 22 - Embezzlement of property in the private sector

Article 23 - Laundering of proceeds of crime

Article 24 - Concealment

Article 25 - Obstruction of justice

Article 26 - Liability of legal persons

Article 27 - Participation and attempt

Article 28 - Knowledge, intent and purpose as elements of an offence

Article 29 - Statute of limitations

Article 30 - Prosecution, adjudication and sanctions

Article 31 - Freezing, seizure and confiscation

Article 32 - Protection of witnesses, experts and victims

Article 33 - Protection of reporting persons

Article 34 - Consequences of acts of corruption

Article 35 - Compensation for damage

Article 36 - Specialized authorities

Article 37 - Cooperation with law enforcement authorities

Article 38 - Cooperation between national authorities

Article 39 - Cooperation between national authorities and the private sector

Article 40 - Bank secrecy

Article 41 - Criminal record

Article 42 - Jurisdiction

Chapter IV - International cooperation

Article 43 - International cooperation

Article 44 - Extradition

Article 45 - Transfer of sentenced persons

Article 46 - Mutual legal assistance

Article 47 - Transfer of criminal proceedings

Article 48 - Law enforcement cooperation

Article 49 - Joint investigations

Article 50 - Special investigative techniques

Chapter V - Asset recovery

Article 51 - General provision

Article 52 - Prevention and detection of transfers of proceeds of crime

Article 53 - Measures for direct recovery of property

Article 54 - Mechanisms for recovery of property through international cooperation in confiscation

Article 55 - International cooperation for purposes of confiscation

Article 56 - Special cooperation

Article 57 - Return and disposal of assets

Article 58 - Financial intelligence unit

Article 59 - Bilateral and multilateral agreements and arrangements

Chapter VI - Technical assistance and information exchange

Article 60 - Training and technical assistance

Article 61 - Collection, exchange and analysis of information on corruption

Article 62 - Other measures: implementation of the Convention through economic development and technical assistance

Chapter VII - Mechanisms for implementation

Article 63 - Conference of the States Parties to the Convention

Article 64 - Secretariat

Chapter VIII - Final provisions

Article 65 - Implementation of the Convention

Article 66 - Settlement of disputes

Article 67 - Signature, ratification, acceptance, approval and accession

Article 68 - Entry into force

Article 69 - Amendment

Article 70 - Denunciation

Article 71 - Depositary and languages


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United Nations Convention Against Corruption, 2003

United Nations (UN)

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United Nations Convention Against Corruption

Chapter VI - Technical assistance and information exchange

Article 60 - Training and technical assistance

1. Each State Party shall, to the extent necessary, initiate, develop or improve specific training programmes for its personnel responsible for preventing and combating corruption. Such training programmes could deal, inter alia, with the following areas:

(a) Effective measures to prevent, detect, investigate, punish and control corruption, including the use of evidence - gathering and investigative methods;

(b) Building capacity in the development and planning of strategic anti-corruption policy;

(c) Training competent authorities in the preparation of requests for mutual legal assistance that meet the requirements of this Convention;

(d) Evaluation and strengthening of institutions, public service management and the management of public finances, including public procurement, and the private sector;

(e) Preventing and combating the transfer of proceeds of offences established in accordance with this Convention and recovering such proceeds;

(f) Detecting and freezing of the transfer of proceeds of offences established in accordance with this Convention;

(g) Surveillance of the movement of proceeds of offences established in accordance with this Convention and of the methods used to transfer, conceal or disguise such proceeds;

(h) Appropriate and efficient legal and administrative mechanisms and methods for facilitating the return of proceeds of offences established in accordance with this Convention;

(i) Methods used in protecting victims and witnesses who cooperate with judicial authorities; and

(j) Training in national and international regulations and in languages.

2. States Parties shall, according to their capacity, consider affording one another the widest measure of technical assistance, especially for the benefit of developing countries, in their respective plans and programmes to combat corruption, including material support and training in the areas referred to in paragraph 1 of this article, and training and assistance and the mutual exchange of relevant experience and specialized knowledge, which will facilitate international cooperation between States Parties in the areas of extradition and mutual legal assistance.

3. States Parties shall strengthen, to the extent necessary, efforts to maximize operational and training activities in international and regional organizations and in the framework of relevant bilateral and multilateral agreements or arrangements.

4. States Parties shall consider assisting one another, upon request, in conducting evaluations, studies and research relating to the types, causes, effects and costs of corruption in their respective countries, with a view to developing, with the participation of competent authorities and society, strategies and action plans to combat corruption.

5. In order to facilitate the recovery of proceeds of offences established in accordance with this Convention, States Parties may cooperate in providing each other with the names of experts who could assist in achieving that objective.

6. States Parties shall consider using subregional, regional and international conferences and seminars to promote cooperation and technical assistance and to stimulate discussion on problems of mutual concern, including the special problems and needs of developing countries and countries with economies in transition.

7. States Parties shall consider establishing voluntary mechanisms with a view to contributing financially to the efforts of developing countries and countries with economies in transition to apply this Convention through technical assistance programmes and projects.

8. Each State Party shall consider making voluntary contributions to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime for the purpose of fostering, through the Office, programmes and projects in developing countries with a view to implementing this Convention.

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