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UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Conciliation (2002)

Article 1. Scope of application and definitions

Article 2. Interpretation

Article 3. Variation by agreement

Article 4. Commencement of conciliation proceedings^c^

Article 5. Number and appointment of conciliators

Article 6. Conduct of conciliation

Article 7. Communication between conciliator and parties

Article 8. Disclosure of information

Article 9. Confidentiality

Article 10. Admissibility of evidence in other proceedings

Article 11. Termination of conciliation proceedings

Article 12. Conciliator acting as arbitrator

Article 13. Resort to arbitral or judicial proceedings

Article 14. Enforceability of settlement agreement^d^




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UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Conciliation (2002)

United Nations (UN)

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UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Conciliation (2002)

Article 4. Commencement of conciliation proceedings^c^

c   3 

(1) Conciliation proceedings in respect of a dispute that has arisen commence on the day on which the parties to that dispute agree to engage in conciliation proceedings.

(2) If a party that invited another party to conciliate does not receive an acceptance of the invitation within thirty days from the day on which the invitation was sent, or within such other period of time as specified in the invitation, the party may elect to treat this as a rejection of the invitation to conciliate.

 3. c The following text is suggested for States that might wish to adopt a provision on the suspension of the limitation period:

Article X. Suspension of limitation period

(1) When the conciliation proceedings commence, the running of the limitation period regarding the claim that is the subject matter of the conciliation is suspended.

(2) Where the conciliation proceedings have terminated without a settlement agreement, the limitation period resumes running from the time the conciliation ended without a settlement agreement.

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