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United Nations (UNCTAD) Minimum Standards For Shipping Agents (1988)


Article 1 - Objectives

Article 2 - Definitions

Article 3 - Professional qualifications

Article 4 - Financial qualifications

Article 5 - Code of professional conduct

Article 6 - Enforcement

Article 7 - Compliance


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United Nations (UNCTAD) Minimum Standards For Shipping Agents (1988)

United Nations (UN)

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United Nations (UNCTAD) Minimum Standards For Shipping Agents (1988)

Article 2 - Definitions

For the purpose of these Minimum Standards:

"Shipping agent" means any person (natural or legal) engaged on behalf of the owner, charterer or operator of a ship, or of the owner of cargo, in providing shipping services including:

(i) Negotiating and accomplishing the sale or purchase of a ship;

(ii) Negotiating and supervising the charter of a ship;

(iii) Collection of freight and/or charter hire where appropriate and all related financial matters;

(iv) Arrangements for Customs and cargo documentation and forwarding of cargo;

(v) Arrangements for procuring, processing the documentation and performing all activities required related to dispatch of cargo;

(vi) Organizing arrival or departure arrangements for the ship;

(vii) Arranging for the supply of services to a ship while in port.

"National authority" means the body constituted under national law to implement the legislation governing the licensing/registration of shipping agents.

"Professional association" means an organization constituted for the purposes of:

(i) Providing a central organization for those engaged in the profession of shipping agents;

(ii) Establishing and upholding standards of conduct and practice for the profession;

(iii) Exercising supervision over the members and securing for them such professional standards as may assist them in the discharge of their duties.

"Professional examination" means an examination carried out on subjects specifically related to the profession in order to ensure adequate knowledge and expertise.

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