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The Venice Court of National and International Arbitration

Standard VENCA Arbitration Clause

The Rules of The Venice Court of National and International Arbitration

Section One - Rules of General Application


1. - Arbitration Agreement

2. - The powers of the Court

3. - Request for Arbitration

4. - Answer to the Request

5. - Communications prior to the Preliminary Conference

6. - The Secretariat of the Court

7. - Seat of the arbitration

8. - Language of the arbitration

9. - Law applicable to the merits

10. - Appointment by the Court of an Arbitrator

11. - Nationality of the Presiding arbitrator/s

12. - Number of arbitrators

13. - Independence and impartiality of Arbitrators

14. - Challenge procedure

15. - Replacement

16. - Jurisdiction

Section Two - Rules Applying to Ordinary Procedure

17. - Ordinary Procedure

18. - Preliminary Conference

19. - Hearings

20. - Communications after the Preliminary Conference

21. - Periods of time

22. - Evidence

23. - Default

24. - Closing of the hearing

25. - Time for rendering the Award

Section Three - The Award

26. - Decisions

27. - Form and effect of the award

28. - Custody of the records

29. - Interpretation of the award

30. - Correction of the award

31. - Administrative fee

32. - Fees of the Arbitrators

33. - Deposits

34. - Award of costs incurred by a Party

35. - Interpretation and application of the Rules

36. - Confidentiality of the existence of the arbitration

37. - Confidentiality of disclosures made during the arbitration

38. - Maintenance of confidentiality by the Court and Arbitrators

Section Four - Expedited Procedure

39. - Expedited Procedure

41. - Appointment of Arbitrator

42. - The hearing

43. - Time for rendering the award



Registration fee
Administrative Fees
Arbitrators' Fees




SiSU Metadata, document information


SiSU Manifest, alternative outputs etc.

The Venice Court of National and International Arbitration

Venice Court of National and International Arbitration

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The Venice Court of National and International Arbitration

The Rules of The Venice Court of National and International Arbitration

Section Two - Rules Applying to Ordinary Procedure

18. - Preliminary Conference

18.1 As soon as the Tribunal has received the file of the case from the Secretariat, the Tribunal convenes the Parties to the Preliminary Conference for the purpose of recording the items listed in art. 18.2 herebelow and organising and scheduling the subsequent proceeding.

18.2 At the Preliminary Conference the Tribunal draws up a document containing the following terms:

a) the full names and address of the Parties, their representatives and attorneys;

b) the addresses of the Parties to which notifications or communications arising in the course of the arbitration may validly be made;

c) the appointment, if deemed useful by the Tribunal, of a secretary of the Tribunal and the determination of the relevant tasks and fees;

d) the name and address of the Arbitrator/s;

e) the description of the facts relating to the dispute;

f) the description of the Parties' requests as to claims, counter-claims and relieves;

g) the arbitration seat and language/s;

h) particulars of the procedural rules and substantive rules of law to be applied;

i) any other useful particulars relevant to the case, including recording of the items indicated at arts. 18.3 and 18.4.

18.3 At the Preliminary Conference the Parties are represented by duly empowered attorneys whose powers are delivered to and verified by the Tribunal. Where the powers are deemed by the Tribunal not satisfactory for the requirements of the proceedings, the Tribunal instructs the concerned Party to issue new powers satisfying such requirements.

18.4 At the Preliminary Conference the Arbitrators and the Parties agree on the schedule of the proceedings, including in particular the terms for filing the detailed statement of claim accompanied by the supporting documents and the detailed answer with relevant supporting documents.

18.5 The document recording the Preliminary Conference is signed by the Arbitrator/s and the Parties or their representatives.

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