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Professor II
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Mobile phone +358-40-763 1071
Room 116A DMW
Visiting address Domus Media West wing Karl Johans gate 47
Postal address Postboks 6706 St. Olavs plass 0130 OSLO

Academic Interests

Law of the sea, EU maritime law, public international law, environmental law, maritime safety, shipowner’s liability


MARL 5110 Maritime safety module of the LL.M. programme in Maritime law.

Higher education and employment history

M.Sc., M. Phil. At Department of Law, Åbo Akademi University, 1995, 1996
LL.M., London School of Economics, 1997
Administrator, European Commission, Brussels 1997-2003
Research Fellow, Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law 2003-2007 (PhD in 2007)
Head of Unit, European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), Lisbon, 2007-2012
Professor II at Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law 2012-


  • Adjunct Professor (Docent) in Maritime Law and the Law of the Sea, Åbo Akademi, 2011
  • President of the Finnish Maritime Law Association, 2012-
Tags: Law of the sea, Maritime Law, International Law, Environmental law, Nordic, Europe


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  • Ringbom, Henrik Mikael & Henriksen, Tore (2017). Governance Challenges, Gaps and Management Opportunities in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction..
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  • Ringbom, Henrik (2004). Jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement of maritime judgments: the dimension of EU external relations law.

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