Seminar on international political and legal theory

This semester PluriCourts  and the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights host a seminar on international political and legal theory for political philosophers, legal scholars and others working in this area. 

The seminar is organized as two half-day sessions each semester where 2-3 papers will be presented and discussed. Papers will be circulated one week in advance and should be read by all participants.


Presentations Monday, May 8

Jakob Elster: Feasibility and the pragmatics of political philosophy

Silje Langvatn: The exemplar of public reason- Analyzing claims that courts use, or should use, public reason

Alain Zysset: Human Rights Law and International Criminal Law: Searching for a Common Normative Core


Previous Presentations (Monday, Feb. 13)

- Alejandra Mancilla: "Sovereignty, resource rights and legitimacy in the Antarctic Treaty System" - successful proposal for a project starting up soon.

- Andreas Føllesdal: "Signposts or walking sticks: concerns about the European Court of Human Rights' emerging consensus doctrine "


Silje Aambø Langvatn is the organizer of the seminar this semester. Send an email to her at if you want to be on the mailing list of this seminar or present your work.

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