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Name E-mail Sector

Alexandraki, Chrysa, Research Assistant

  International Environmental Law

Bailliet, Cecilia M., Coordinator, Professor of International Law

c.m.bailliet@jus.uio.no International Criminal Law

Bedoya, Shakira Maria, Postdoctoral Fellow

s.m.b.sanchez@jus.uio.no International Criminal Law

Behn, Daniel, Postdoctoral Fellow

daniel.behn@jus.uio.no International Investment Law

Berge, Tarald Laurdal, PhD Candidate

t.l.berge@stv.uio.no International Investment Law

Corradetti, Claudio, Postdoctoral Fellow

claudio.corradetti@jus.uio.no Human Rights

Fauchald, Ole Kristian, Coordinator, Professor of Law

o.k.fauchald@jus.uio.no International Investment Law

Føllesdal, Andreas, Deputy Director, Professor of Philosophy


Legitimacy, Human Rights

Hayashi, Nobuo, Guest researcher


International Criminal Law
Kirkebø, Tori Loven, Vit.Ass


International Investment Law, Human Rights

Langford, Malcolm, Postdoctoral Fellow

Malcolm.langford@nchr.uio.no International Investment Law, Human Rights

Langvatn, Silje Aambø, Postdoctoral Fellow

s.a.langvatn@jus.uio.no International Criminal Law

Letourneau-Tremblay, Laura, Research Assistant


Manzo Rosa, PhD Candidate


International Environmental Law

Müller, Amrei, Postdoctoral Fellow

a.s.mueller@jus.uio.no Human Rights

Naurin, Daniel, Coordinator, Professor of Political Science


Nicholson, Joanna, Researcher

  International Criminal Law

Penca, Jerneja, Postdoctoral Fellow

jerneja.penca@jus.uio.no International Environmental Law

Poppelwell-Scevak, Claire, Vit.Ass

  Human Rights

Røed, Lars Jørgen, Vit. Ass


Saul, Matthew, Postdoctoral Fellow

m.w.saul@jus.uio.no Human Rights
Semb, Anne Julie, Researcher a.j.semb@stv.uio.no


Squatrito, Theresa, Postdoctoral Fellow

theresa.squatrito@jus.uio.no Human Rights
Stiansen, Øyvind, PhD Candidate oyvind.stiansen@stv.uio.no

Human Rights

Tsereteli, Nino, PhD Candidate

nino.tsereteli@jus.uio.no Human Rights

Torsvoll, Eirik, Research Assistant


Ulfstein, Geir, Director, Professor of Law


International Trade Law, Human Rights

Usynin, Maxim, Vit.Ass.

maksim.usynin@jus.uio.no International Investment Law

Voigt, Christina, Coordinator, Professor of Law

christina.voigt@jus.uio.no International Environmental Law
Zang, Michelle Q., Postdoctoral Fellow qingzi.zang@jus.uio.no

International Trade Law

Ziyodillaev, Rinat, Vit. Ass rinat.ziyodillaev@jus.uio.no

International Trade Law

Østerud, Øyvind, Professor


Scientific Advisory Committee

Name Affiliation

Alter, Karen

Professor of Political Science, Northwestern University

Indreberg, Hilde

Judge, Norwegian Supreme Court

Keller, Helen

Judge, European Court of Human Rights

Paulus, Andreas

Judge, German Constitutional Court

Pogge, Thomas

Professor of Philosophy, Yale University

Sandberg, Kirsten

Professor of Law, University of Oslo
Member of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child

Simma, Bruno

Professor of Law, University of Michigan
(formerly) Judge, International Court of Justice


Name E-mail

Hovdal, Annette, Project Coordinator MultiRights


Karv, Hanna, Senior Executive Officer (on leave)


Letourneau-Tremblay, Laura, Research Assistant


Nessøe, Aina, Administrative Manager


Petrukovich, Zhanna, Research Assistant


Schmölzer, Stephanie, Senior Executive Officer


Torsvoll, Eirik, Research Assistant


Research Fellows

Name Title Institution

Maliks, Reidar

Senior Research Fellow Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas, University of Oslo

Nickel, James W.

Visiting Professor

Professor of Philosophy and Law, University of Miami


Visiting Professor

Professor of Public International Law, Vice-Dean for Research, Faculty of Law, University of Amsterdam

Voeten, Erik Visiting Professor

Peter F. Krogh Associate Professor of Geopolitics and Global Justice, Director of Graduate Studies, Georgetown University

Young, Oran R.

Visiting Professor Professor and Co-Director, Bren Program on Governance for Sustainable Development, University of California, Santa Barbara
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