International Criminal Law Round Up - Week 43

The International Criminal Law group at PluriCourts regularly provides updates on news, blog posts and issues related to international criminal tribunals. Here are the updates from week 43 2016.


  • 27 October: UN rights expert calls on international community to protect cultural heritage, Jurist
  • 27 October: Law Society deplores SA decision to abandon international court, Times
  • 26 October: Gambia is latest African nation to quit the ICC, The Guardian, USA Today, iLawyer
  • 26 October: Coalition airstrikes in Syria have killed 300 civilians, says Amnesty, The Guardian
  • 26 October: Rwandan genocide suspect held in Sweden, the
  • 25 October: Guatemala indicts top ex-military men for war crimes and rape, Telesur
  • 24 October: Maria Elena Vignoli, Steps towards justice for Syria, HRW
  • 24 October: Philippines senator calls for Duterte to face crimes against humanity inquiry, The Guardian
  • 24 October: Ban hopes SA will ‘reconsider’ decision to withdraw from ICC, UN news centre
  • 24 October: Judge to rule on former army chief’s indictment and new sexual assault charges in Molina Theissen case, International Justice Monitor
  • 23 October: Kenya: Cabinet decision on ICC exit pending, AllAfrica
  • 21 October: Court: Iraqi cleric Mullah Krekar can be extradited to Italy, US News


  • 27 October: Simon Allison, African revolt threatens ICC’s legitimacy, The Guardian
  • 27 October: Leigh Swigart, Linguistic and cultural diversity in international criminal justice: toward bridging the divide, IntLawGrrls
  • 27 October: Mark Kersten, Ten African states who will stick with the ICC, Justice in Conflict
  • 27 October: Dov Jacobs, Some additional thoughts on African withdrawals from the ICC, Spreading the Jam
  • 27 October: Marina Lostal, Prosecutor v Al Mahdi: A positive new direction for the ICC? Opinio Juris
  • 26 October: Ryan Goodman and Alex Whiting, Who is responsible for the Yemen funeral bombing, and how?, Just Security
  • 26 October: Mark Kersten, Some thoughts on South Africa’s withdrawal from the ICC; Justice in Conflict
  • 24 October: Ambassador David Scheffer, How to move beyond SA’s notice of withdrawal from the ICC, Just Security
  • 24 October: Darryl Robinson, Taking the long view of international justice, EJIL Talk
  • 24 October: Hannah Woolaver, International and domestic implications on SA’s withdrawal from the ICC, EJIL Talk
  • 24 October: Angela Mudukuti, Op Ed: Withdrawal from the ICC- Curious and Questionable, Daily Maverick
  • 24 October: South Africa: ICC move betrays victims, HRW
  • 22 October: SA withdrawal from the ICC: Does the ICC Statute lead to violations of other international obligations? EJIL Talk
  • 22 October: Astrid Jamar, Transitional justice battlegrounds: Another bad week in Burundi, Justice in Conflict
  • 21 October: Ester Strømmen and Tanja Erika Andersen Czelusniak, Skewed media reportings on SA and the ICC, Pluricourts Blog


Sofie A.E. Høgestøl, The Habré Judgment at the Extraordinary African Chambers: A singular victory in the fight against impunity, Nordic Journal of Human Rights

Elisa Novic, The concept of cultural genocide: An international law perspective, OUP

William Schabas, The ICC, A commentary on the Rome Statute, OUP

Kress and Barriga, The crime of aggression: A commentary, CUP

International Journal of Transitional Justice:

Editorial Note

  • Hugo van der Merwe & M. Brinton Lykes, Transitional Justice Processes as Teachable Moments


  • Andrea Durbach, Towards Reparative Transformation: Revisiting the Impact of Violence against Women in a Post-TRC South Africa
  • Michael Broache, Irrelevance, Instigation and Prevention: The Mixed Effects of International Criminal Court Prosecutions on Atrocities in the CNDP/M23 Case
  • Aoife Duffy, Searching for Accountability: British-Controlled Detention in Southeast Iraq, 2003–2008
  • Mijke de Waardt, Naming and Shaming Victims: The Semantics of Victimhood
  • Arnaud Kurze, #WarCrimes #PostConflictJustice #Balkans: Youth, Performance Activism and the Politics of Memory
  • Eliza Garnsey, Rewinding and Unwinding: Art and Justice in Times of Political Transition
  • Louise Mallinder & Catherine O’Rourke, Databases of Transitional Justice Mechanisms and Contexts: Comparing Research Purposes and Design

Notes from the Field

  • Stef Vandeginste, Museveni, Burundi and the Perversity of Immunité Provisoire
  • Yasmine Ahmed, Sara Duddy, Claire Hackett, Patricia Lundy, Mary McCallan, Gemma McKeown, Andrée Murphy, Catherine O'Rourke, Emma Patterson-Bennet, Leah Wing, & Philipp Schulz, Developing Gender Principles for Dealing with the Legacy of the Past

Review Essay

  • Sarah Williams, Hybrid Tribunals: A Time for Reflection
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