International Criminal Law Round Up - Week 44

The International Criminal Law group at PluriCourts regularly provides updates on news, blog posts and issues related to international criminal tribunals. Here are the updates from week 44 2016.


  • 3 November: Italy: Beatings and unlawful expulsions amid EU push to get tough on refugees and migrants, AI
  • 2 November: Prosecutor asks ICC judges to give Bemba longer prison sentence, IJMonitor
  • 2 November: Historic Amendment will allow dozens of victims to claim reparations, Trial International
  • 31 October: Exclusive: ICC poised to open investigation into war crimes in Afghanistan, Foreign Policy
  • 31 October: Judge charges former army chief Benedicto Lucas Garcia in Molina Theissen case, IJ Monitor
  • 31 October: ICC President tells UN GA: State’s participation in the Court must be maintained and enlarged, ICC
  • 31 October: Syrian rebels’ Aleppo offensive could amount to war crimes, UN envoy warns, The Guardian
  • 30 October: MICT: Stansic’s defence requests stay of proceedings, iLawyer
  • 28 October: Withdrawal from ICC could send ‘wrong message’, UN news
  • 28 October: Eritrea: UN Commission has urged referral to the ICC, OHCHR
  • 28 October: Kosovo special prosecutor charges politician Fatmir Limaj with war crimes, Jurist        


  • 2 November: Simon Allison, ISS: Where does the ICC go from here? Defence Web
  • 2 November: Philip Grant, ICC withdrawals: International justice needs our unending support, Trial International
  • 1 November: Letter to the Editor: response to Luis Moreno Ocampo on comparisons to holocaust denial, Just Security
  • 1 November: Brodersen and Papadopoulos, Guilty but free: The ICC renders its first contempt case judgment, EJIL Talk
  • 1 November: Mark Kersten, What the ICC can do to improve its relationship with African states, Justice in Conflict
  • 31 October: Luis Moreno Ocampo, From Brexit to African exit: A dangerous trend, Just Security


International Criminal Law Review:

  • Natalia Perova, Stretching the Joint Criminal Enterprise Doctrine to the Extreme: When Culpability and Liability Do Not Match
  • Marie-Sophie Devresse & Damien Scalia, Hearing Tried People in International Criminal Justice: Sympathy for the Devil?
  • Linus Nnabuike Malu, The International Criminal Court and the Complex Road to Peace in Côte d’ Ivoire
  • David Lowe, The European Union’s Passenger Name Record Data Directive 2016/681: Is It Fit for Purpose?
  • Pietro Sullo, Justice for Darfur: The ICC and Domestic Justice Initiatives Eleven Years after the UN Security Council Referral
  • Marc Schack & Astrid Kjeldgaard-Pedersen, Striking the Balance between Custom and Justice − Creative Legal Reasoning by International Criminal Courts

Frederic Megret, Is the ICC focusing too much on non-state actors? SSRN

Diane Marie Amann, Children, SSRN

Calls for Papers

Quality control in preliminary examination: reviewing impact, policies and practices, CILRAP

ICTY Legacy conference, ICTY

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